£17,000 Compensation Payout For A Lacerated Arm – Case Study & Claims Guide to Calculating Lacerated Arm Compensation

Lacerated arm compensation

Lacerated arm compensation

If you suffer a lacerated arm due to an incident that could have been prevented had the right duty of care been in place you could be eligible to make a claim for compensation. Personal injury solicitors could discuss with you all the damages that you could claim. We have included an example case study of a £17,000 compensation payout for a lacerated arm so that you can see how a personal injury claim works. We also examine the concept of No Win No Fee and how this could benefit you.

The headings below explain each of the main topics we’re covering, from compensation calculators to care claims. While you may want to read ahead, you may also want to speak to Public Interest Lawyers. Our advisors are highly-experienced and knowledgeable and can provide free claims advice of no obligation. Please contact the team by calling 0800 408 7825, completing the form that’s on our website or using the below Live Chat.

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A Guide To Calculate Arm Laceration Compensation

Before we discuss No Win No Fee agreements and other key subjects, let’s mention the personal injury claims time limit. So, there’s a 3-year window in which you must file a claim for an arm injury payout from when you were injured or date of knowledge. A parent or guardian may handle a claim for a child or an appointed representative may claim of behalf of a victim lacking mental capacity. But the 3-year window would start if the child turns 18 or if the victim regains mental capabilities. You can contact us anytime to discuss this subject in further depth.

What Is A Laceration Injury?

A laceration goes beyond a mere cut or graze. Indeed, a laceration means that your cut goes right through the skin, even if it’s still small in size. A deep laceration, however, can seep into fat or muscle, at which point it becomes a potentially harmful injury. That’s due to the possibility of catching infections and/or fat and muscle deterioration. It could also mean that you become weaker due to heavy blood loss from the open wound. Therefore, medical attention would be an urgent requirement in such a scenario.

Now, many lacerations are minor enough that they heal naturally within weeks. But for a deep laceration, you could require surgery to repair the damage, with a recovery window of months. Therefore, for an arm laceration, you could find that the arm suffers incapacity for up to several months. Call us anytime by using the telephone number at the top of this page for guidance.

Financial Loss From Arm Injuries

During the rehabilitation period, a victim may find that they incur financial losses which could influence their potential arm injury claim payout. For instance, medication and painkillers could be substantial in value, especially when the arm laceration first occurs. Also note the likelihood of missing work, possibly without receiving sick pay. That would potentially hinder mortgage and car payments during the recovery time. And then consider how driving with this injury may prove too difficult, hence the need for continuous bus/train travel. We can explain each of these in more detail; simply chat with our helpful team to have that conversation.

What Causes An Arm Laceration?

For a compensation case concerning an arm injury claim payout to succeed, you need to prove negligence via these points:

  • In the first instance, a third party owed you some form of a duty of care;
  • But somewhere along the way, a breach occurred, meaning an accident or incident took place;
  • And as a result of this, you suffered an injury, such as an arm laceration.

We will now look at three significant areas where you are owed a duty of care. The Highway Code‘s duty of care for all road users (drivers, pedestrians and cyclists) to follow, is there to make the road safe. Road traffic accidents could cause lacerations to a person especially those on motorcycles, cycles and pedestrians.

Employers carry a liability that if any of their employees suffer an injury or illness due to disrepair, health and safety issues or maintenance issues within a workplace they are liable for any harm caused. That comes courtesy of the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974.  693,000 workplace injuries in 2019/20 mean that accidents in the workplace are not uncommon, however, it is not stated how many of these injuries could have been prevented.

The Occupiers’ Liability Act 1957 aims to prevent accidents in public places. Occupiers of public areas are required to ensure these areas along with the service they provide are as safe as can be. If you were to cut your mouth on a chipped glass in a restaurant or cut your arm on a sharp shelf in a supermarket you may have grounds to pursue a claim for compensation. In fact, you could file a multiple injury claim if your arm laceration is only one of multiple injuries.

Use the special Live Chat function below if you have any queries in this regard.

Expert Claim Settlement Calculations

An independent medical check is a crucial stage of any claims process. It allows a doctor to fully diagnose the depth to which the arm laceration has impacted your health. This could range from muscle damage to functional impairment. In addition, the medical assessment could establish a firm link between how you are now and the accident predating it. So, had it not been for the original incident, your arm would be fine. As a result, you would have a stronger case for a possible arm injury claim payout.

That payout would form as general and special damages, which we’re now covering. General damages highlight the suffering, pain and overall impact on your life due to your arm laceration. Special damages, meanwhile, could encapsulate the likes of loss of earnings, medication costs and public transport requirements. Don’t rule out the possibility of physiotherapy to restrengthen your arm due to its lack of muscle and support. And remember to keep all relevant invoices and receipts to cater for each of these expenses. Our friendly team is accessible 24/7 to advise you further.

Get A Care Claim For Harm

One area of special damages which requires a further mention is a care claim. This would refer to any care you receive as a direct consequence of your arm laceration. So, the gracious care of relatives and friends, using a nurse and hiring professionals to handle home chores could be included. Note that any care you were receiving for your arm prior to the incident couldn’t be inserted into the claim. Please chat with our helpful team if you have any questions.

Case Study: £17,000 Arm Laceration Compensation

Mr Bingham, 36, is a construction worker. He has been in the job for several years, and he always takes health and safety considerations.

One summer afternoon, Mr Bingham was tasked to rebuild an outside wall on a property where houses were being built. His colleagues were fitting windows in the houses as they were almost complete. All of a sudden one of the glass panels had been dropped from the upper-level floor of a house the glass smashed on the ground and pieces flew across the construction site. Mr Bingham’s arm was sliced open, with a deep laceration to his forearm.

Mr Bingham’s right arm was struck by one large piece of particularly-sharp glass. And as a result, his arm was deeply lacerated near the radius bone. Mr Bingham immediately felt in pain as the blood seeped out, and the first aid team on-site came over to offer assistance.

An ambulance was called which took him straight to the hospital. Shards of glass remained in his arm because of the severity of the cut.

Therefore, Mr Bingham underwent arm surgery to halt the issue before it could get progressively worse. His muscles and tendons had been damaged. Mr Bingham had to take some time away from work.

And after speaking with the personal injury lawyer, Mr Bingham pursued a claim against his employers. His colleague who had dropped the window had no training in manual handling and therefore did not know how to complete this task safely.

He ended up receiving £17,000 for an out-of-court arm injury claim payout. The figure included general damages, plus special damages.

Type Of Special Damages Includes: How Much?
Lost Earnings Costs of being unable to work on a construction site £6,000
Medical Costs Costs of painkillers for his recovery £100
Physiotherapy Costs of physiotherapy treatment during the second half of his recovery £500
Transport Costs Costs of using buses & taxis to travel to & from his hospital appointments £200
Other Costs Home care costs – cleaner £200

The case of Mr Bingham is purely an example. It is based on our past experiences of handling and valuing claims and serves to illustrate how accidents can happen and how they are valued.

Your Free Claim Estimate

Online personal injury claims calculators provide general estimates for potential payouts. But we choose to avoid generalising what should be a unique figure specific to your own situation. Therefore, we base our specialist estimate on the exact nature of your arm laceration. That way, the projection for your arm injury claim payout is more accurate and fairer to your situation. What’s more, this estimate is totally free as a courtesy to all of our clients. Call us today to find out what amount you could receive with the help of Public Interest Lawyers.

No Win No Fee Laceration Claims

No Win No Fee solicitors provide a service so that no matter your financial position you can opt to use a solicitor to help you pursue your compensation case.

Using a No Win No Fee solicitor means that:

  • You’re not going to pay a solicitor’s legal costs up-front or while a case is ongoing;
  • If your case wins, your personal injury solicitor takes a success fee that is limited by law;
  • But if your case loses, you don’t pay a single penny to your personal injury solicitor.

That’s why No Win No Fee agreements are a crucial part of the legal service that our panel of solicitors provide. Talk to us anytime to find out everything you need to know about No Win No Fee.

Use Top Personal Injury Solicitors

You wouldn’t accept anything less than the best in most aspects of your life. So, why settle for secondary legal representation as you battle for an arm injury claim payout? Our panel of personal injury solicitors has a vast amount of knowledge and experience. They include industry-defining credentials, many successful claim victories for arm injuries and plenty of favourable client reviews. Don’t forget a fast turnaround, and proven credibility within the legal sector. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch today. You will receive a consultation of no obligation.

Discuss Today

At this point, it would be great to hear from you. By telling us your story, you could take the first step towards receiving an arm injury claim payout. The contact form allows you to put your message in writing. Call on 0800 408 7825 to speak directly. Or perhaps you wish to use the Live Chat feature at the base of this very page. Remember: you’re under no pressure to proceed even after speaking to us, and our knowledgeable team is here 24/7.

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