£14,750 Compensation Payout For An Accident At Work Hand Injury Settlement

Our case study is an example of how our panel of lawyers can help in regards to compensation cases for workplace accidents that were not your fault and in this case, how they might reach a figure of £17,750 for hand injury settlements.

Compensation all over the UK is awarded to people who suffered an injury at work that was not their fault. We discuss liability, what evidence you would need to launch a claim and how a No Win No Fee lawyer might achieve payouts like this for you.

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Accident at work hand injury compensation

Accident at work hand injury compensation

If you suffered harm because of the negligence of others, you could be owed damages. Call us today to see how we could help.

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  7. Case Study: £14,750 Compensation For An Accident At Work Hand Injury Claim
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A Guide To Calculate Compensation For An Accident At Work Hand Injury

If you’ve never used the services of a solicitor before, starting a liability case can seem daunting. Will it cost a lot? What happens if I don’t win? Can I lose my job over it? All these questions and more can prevent people from seeking justice and compensation when injured in a no-fault accident.

You have a legal right to claim if you think the duty of care that must be in place in the workplace was missing or breached, and it resulted in you being injured. We discuss this duty in greater detail below. We look at the laws that seek to enforce it and how evidence of your injuries can support your hand injury settlements.

Our focus is on how a No Win No Fee lawyer can seek two types of damages on your behalf and significantly improve the final amount you could be awarded. We show you where and how you could get in touch with a panel of skilled lawyers to handle your case.

We provide links to more information and government statistics. If at any point you want further information on any topic discussed, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

What Is A Hand Injury?

Vital to most daily tasks, our hands play a crucial role in dexterity and manipulating the world around us. Anything that damages the fragile finger bones or soft tissue of the hand can have devastating consequences and ultimately turn your life upside-down as you try to cope with the issues hand damage creates.

We concentrate on three main areas of liability which are accidents in the workplace (employer’s liability) accidents in public (public liability) and road traffic accidents (RTA’s). If you suffered an accident caused by someone else in any of these three areas, call today to see how we could help you win compensation for your injuries.

Three pieces of legislation seek to protect our safety in the main areas of daily activity: work, public and roads. If you had an accident in the street or any privately operated location, The Occupiers’ Liability Act 1957 seeks to hold those operators to the highest possible safety standards. This law includes the local authorities, so if you were harmed in a council-controlled environment, refer to this for guidance.

The Highway Code asks a duty of care to be shown by motorists to each other on the roads. Pedestrians and cyclists are also covered under this duty. If you were injured because of reckless driving, you could refer to this to see how liability might be established.

The focus of this article is the Health And Safety At Work etc. Act 1974 clearly outlines the responsibility for all employers to create a hazard-free environment as possible at work. Proper training, adequate information and thorough onsite maintenance should all be working together to stop you from being hurt during your job, particularly to such fragile and essential things as our hands.

Workplace Accidents Financial Repercussions

It’s difficult to imagine a work activity that does not involve the hands, and if yours were severely injured, you might find that everything stops until you recover. A sudden inability to work or function as normal could start to place a strain on your finances. This might mean you see yourself using savings or credit facilities to take care of expenses.

This is a slippery slope that a No Win No Fee lawyer can help you to avoid. When you speak to a personal injury lawyer, they can advise about special damages which can be a component of your compensation claim that rectifies this problem.

Special damages aim to restore your finances to where they were before the accident by recording all the actual out-of-pocket expenses you incurred from the injuries and forcing the defendant to pay them. We come on to what qualifies in more detail below, but special damages can put right all the costs created by your no-fault accident.

Types Of Accidents At Work

Workplace accidents are incredibly common. Statistics show that during 2018/19, around 600,000 people reported injuries at work and it’s fair to assume a good deal of them could have involved accidents to the hands. You can read this link to see how to correctly report an accident at work in a way that could support your claim.

If the duty of care is impaired or missing, anything could become a potential hazard to our safety, but some specific injuries involving the hands in the workplace are:

  • Crushed in machinery
  • Severed or lacerated by moving parts
  • Contact with boiling fluids or chemicals
  • Proximity to flame or heat
  • As a victim of assault
  • Trapped indoors or windows
  • Hurt as you fall, trip or slip.

There could be many other accident scenarios where you suffer injuries to the fingers, wrist or forearm, and the hand. Hand injury settlements can vary based on all these variations.

However, the core issue remains the same. If you feel that the accident would not have happened if everybody had been doing what they were supposed to speak to our team today about your eligibility to claim compensation against your employer.

Your Care Claim

Whether it’s your dominant hand or not, injuries on this part of the body can cause severe self-care issues, shopping for food, cleaning or cooking, rendering all these activities painful or difficult.

Family members can help and their time can be reimbursed if you can give proof in the form of hourly invoices. Your No Win No Fee lawyer can explain the best way to record and track these expenses to win them back as hand injury settlements.

Paid professional care is very expensive. Our case study involves someone whose injuries were so bad that he needed to have at home help to cook and wash for over a month at a formidable cost.

As long as actual proof can be provided in the form of receipts or invoices, your solicitor can attempt to have these amounts included and won back in hand injury settlements.

Get A Compensation Settlement Value

To get a realistic estimate of what you could win in compensation, you could speak to one of our panel’s No Win No Fee personal injury lawyers. Online compensation calculators promise to give instant amounts but can over or under-value the amount you could get, leading to disappointment.

A medical assessment is a vital part of your claim, and its results will underpin the eventual outcome. It’s also a good opportunity for a medical professional to advise about prognosis and any extended term health issues you may need to consider. Once your lawyer has this piece of evidence, they can then seek the two heads of damage that make up your compensation.

General damages are suggested awards that seek to compensate for your pain and suffering. The Judicial College guidelines suggest amounts for a whole array of injuries, and the hands have detailed and diverse awards that range from to £189,110 for a complete loss of the hand to £4,461 for the minor injury.

Special damages seek to collect up all the tangible out of pocket costs that you have incurred due to your injuries. This could include:

  • Lost earnings
  • Missed work opportunities
  • Lost bonuses or deposits
  • care costs
  • travel expenses
  • damage to property during your accident
  • the need for medical supplies
  • counselling or physiotherapy costs

There may be other expenses that you could include. If you’re not sure, speak to our friendly team who would be happy to advise.

Case Study: £14,750 Compensation For An Accident At Work Hand Injury Claim

Mr Timms worked in the local pub. The facilities were quite out of date, and part of the place’s charm was its ‘rustic’ feel. Not so for the staff who had to cope with all the issues it raised.

During his shift one day, the hatch to the cellar broke from its safety catch and slammed shut, trapping his hand causing significant injury to three fingers and some tissue damage. He went to the hospital, and they proceeded with emergency surgery to save full mobility in his hand.

After a period of recovery, Mr Timms noticed a diminished sensation in that hand and even after some physiotherapy he noticed he still lacked full grip. He feared the damage could be permanent.

This accident only happened because the pub’s management still had not fixed the safety latch after several requests from himself and other staff. Angry, Mr Timms decided to start a negligence case against his employer and seek hand injury settlements.

After speaking to a No Win No Fee lawyer, he discovered that many of the costs caused by the accident and subsequent injuries that he had assumed were his to pay, could be claimed back as hand injury settlements against the liable party, in this case his employer. He went ahead with a case and was ultimately awarded £14,750.

Mr Timm’s was able to receive the following:


General damages Special damages
Although the JCG defined Mr. Timm’s injuries
as minor, this is not to diminish the pain and
suffering they cause. Compared to other injuries they
were not life-altering and
he received £4,461
He lost work and had to cancel
future opportunities for 3 months – £5,000
Care help for 4 weeks – £2,000
Travel costs to hospital appointments – £500
Physiotherapy costs – £789
Damage to his private pension scheme – £1,000
Loss of deposit for nightclasses in pottery – £1,000


This case represents purely an example of what could be possible when you allow a personal injury lawyer to work for compensation on your behalf. Using their expertise, they can pick out costs to you that could be refunded by the defendant and thereby ease the financial burden as you recover.

Receive Your Compensation Calculation Estimates

It’s important to remember that settlement amounts are never guaranteed and as each case is different, there’s no definite way to precisely predict hand injury settlement. But when you use a No Win No Fee lawyer from our panel to handle your case you give yourself the best possible chance to receive the fairest and fullest payout possible.

Our friendly personal injury claims team can offer you advice on how much your case could be worth. Once they know the facts of your claim they can hone in on more accurate value. Speak to us today to see if we could help do the same for you.

No Win No Fee Personal Injury Lawyers For Hand Injury Settlements

No Win No Fee services are widely advertised these days, but what does it mean and how could an arrangement like this help you? If you have no experience using a solicitor or lack the immediate funds to hire one to handle your case, a No Win No Fee agreement is perfect for you. There are many other definite advantages to a service like this, such as:

  • No fees to pay your lawyer to start the claim
  • No fees to pay while the claim is ongoing, however long that takes
  • If your case does not succeed, you have nothing at all to pay your lawyers
  • If your case wins, you pay a ‘success fee’ which is capped by law to remain as fair as possible. This is used to cover their costs
  • You don’t have to pay your lawyers until you receive the payout
  • You can rely on the fact that it’s in everyone’s interest to secure the best possible award for you
  • Receive excellent legal advice throughout your case

Look For The Best Personal Injury Solicitors For Hand Injury Settlements

You’ve decided on who was to blame for your accident and which law they breached. You have a variety of expenses that you’ve incurred because of your injuries or perhaps you simply want justice for yourself or anyone else who may be harmed. What do you do next?

Google searches will generate thousands of results for No Win No Fee lawyers and sifting through them to find the best ones could be exhausting work. There are reviews which can help, and we recommend you ask the following questions to help refine your search:

  • How quickly does this firm settle cases?
  • Do they value hand injury settlements properly?
  • How is client communication?
  • Will they listen fully and understand?
  • Are they an experienced and established firm?

This is where we can offer direct help. With personal injury contacts who can settle cases across the country remotely, we can provide an introduction for the best personal injury lawyers that could give you an excellent shot at winning your case. Speak to our team today for a free, no-obligation chat about eligibility and what you could do next.

Help Is Here For Hand Injury Settlements

We hope that this article has helped you decide to launch a personal injury claim against your employer and has helped to take some of the apprehension and worry out of starting one. If you need any more information, or if you’d like to proceed with a claim, please get in touch in the following ways:

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