£12,750 Compensation Payout For A Cheek Injury Caused By A Fall – Calculating Cheek Injury Caused By A Fall Compensation

Accidents can happen anywhere and cause many different injuries and illnesses. But you may have found this page as you are searching for information regarding a cheek injury claim. An injury to the cheek could happen in an array of accidents but we shall look closely at those accidents on the road, in a public place and accidents in the workplace.

Using an example case study involving someone who slipped and injured their face, we explain the process of making a personal injury compensation claim, how it may be valued, and why choosing to use a solicitor may increase your overall settlement. 

Cheek injury claim

Cheek injury claim

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A Guide To Calculate Compensation For A Cheek Injury Caused By A Fall

If you decide you want a solicitor to pursue your case on your behalf it is important that you find the best-suited one for you. This article hopes to explain how a No Win No Fee personal injury lawyer could help support you through the claiming process. We discuss how to establish who had a duty of care, how it may have been breached, and how this may have resulted in you suffering an injury.

We explain what evidence you will need to support your cheek injury claim and how a medical assessment could value your claim correctly. Through our example case study we examine the claiming process from start to finish so that you can get some idea of what damages you may be able to claim for amongst other things. 

It’s essential to start this process as early as possible. There is a three-year time limit for launching a personal injury claim – however, there can be exceptions to this rule. We conclude this article with an explanation of  No Win No Fee agreements and the process you could use to limit your choice in a solicitor. 

Explanation Of Cheek Injuries

In this section, we are going to look at where you may be owed a duty of care and what legislation may apply this. In order to make a compensation claim, you must first prove that you were owed a duty of care. Secondly, that this entity that has a responsibility for your safety acted in a negligent manner. And thirdly, this breach of duty lead to you suffering some kind of harm that could have been avoided. Three areas we shall look at will be:

  • Accidents in the workplace (employer’s liability)
  • Accidents in public places (public liability)
  • Road traffic accidents (RTA’s) 

Duty Of Care 

  • The Health And Safety At Work etc Act 1974 applies a set of rules that should be complied with in order to provide a safe working environment. Employers could adhere to this legislation by providing adequate training, information, and onsite maintenance to ensure a hazard-free environment for their employees as much as possible. Correct procedures, storage, and working conditions are all covered. If your accident happened at work because of others’ negligence, it is vital to record the accident correctly.
  • The Occupiers’ Liability Act 1957 aims to enforce similar safety laws for those who have control of areas the public use. The streets, pavements, leisure facilities, shopping malls, and parks are all covered. If you had an accident and are not sure who might be responsible in that area cal our team for guidance. 
  • The Highway Code asks that all motorists show each other a duty of care when using the roads, regardless of age or experience. The Highway Code even urges motorists to be aware that some drivers may not show due diligence and care when driving and to anticipate that possibility.

The duty of care is applied so that people are kept safe whether they are on the road, in work or using a public place. Those who have a responsibility for the safety of others must comply with legislation. Failure to adhere could mean that hazards are created that could subsequently cause harm. 

Financial Struggles From Cheek Injuries

Special damages are a type of compensation that a No Win No Fee solicitor could seek on your behalf regarding your cheek injury claim. Depending on your accident’s severity, facial injury can be excruciating, debilitating, and distressing. It could also cause many unforeseen financial issues as you attempt to cope with everyday life post-injury. Some common issues could be:

  • You may not be able to work.
  • You might not be able to look after your children.
  • Driving may be unadvisable.
  • Cooking, washing, and personal care might be very difficult without help.
  • You may lose bonuses or future opportunities.

Any of these consequences could impose unwanted and immediate financial problems for you. A No Win No Fee personal injury lawyer can help you to record and retain the proof of these unforeseen costs and then present them as part of your damages, resulting in the defendant reimbursing you for them.

What Is A Fall Accident?

Anything that creates a trip, slip or fall hazard has the potential to injure any part of your body, including your face. Our case study focuses on someone who had a preventable fall at work that caused an avoidable cheek injury. Numerous other scenarios could result in injuries and make you eligible for a cheek injury claim such as:

  • Tripping or slipping on wet floors or unattended spillages without hazard signs
  • Falling from any height due to the area not being blocked off
  • Impact with a heavy object that was shelved incorrectly
  • During a car collision that was not your fault
  • As a victim of crime or assault

The NHS provides a guide on facial injuries. You can refer to that information using this link. Any facial damages can cause problems to our eyes, mouth, nose, and of course, could also lead to emotional anguish due to disfigurement and deformity. 

If you suffered facial injuries because of an accident, and believe the accident could have been avoided, speak to our team to discuss your options.

Chat About Care Claims

Any care provided by family or professionals can form part of your cheek injury claim. Suppose family members have taken time out to look after you and they can give hourly-rate invoices to prove it.

If you need to hire a professional carer to come into your home and look after you, these costs can represent a formidable challenge to most people. However, you may need a carer to come to your house to cook, clean, and look after everyday chores you cannot complete yourself. 

If you retain records of these costs you could have them reimbursed so you are put back in the financial position you were in before this incident. 

Get Your Expert Compensation Settlement Value

To have your case valued correctly you may need to have a medical assessment by a medical practitioner. They will be able to examine you, forecast any additional future complications and compile a report so that your injury can be valued correctly. This information can form a substantial part of your cheek injury claim. Your appointed personal injury solicitor will use this report to seek two types of compensation, also known as damages, on your behalf.

General damages focus mainly on the pain and suffering you’ve endured because of your injury – both physically and psychologically. The Judicial College Guidelines which is a publication updated each year gives compensation brackets that injuries may fall into. Solicitors can use these guidelines to values your suffering. 

There are several award categories for facial damage ranging from £34,480 for Le Fort fractures to £2,810 for a simple cheekbone fracture. 

Special damages take into account all the out-of-pocket expenses incurred as a result of your injuries. There are many things that you could include under special damages, and some examples are:

  • Loss of earnings
  • Loss of work opportunities
  • Travel costs to hospital appointments
  • Damage to personal items during the accident
  • Loss of deposits or bonuses
  • Care costs

There may be other things that have cost you money due to trying to cope with injuries caused by someone else. Speak to our team to discuss anything you’re unsure about.

Case Study: £12,750 Compensation For A Cheek Injury Caused By A Fall

Miss Drake worked in an office. And on the day of her accident, there had been some heavy rain. The building was quite old and prone to leaks, and as she took a flight of stairs to the canteen, she slipped on an unattended puddle of water that had leaked through the roof and fell, shattering her cheekbone on the stair riser. 

Her injuries were described as multiple fractures at the hospital, but all Miss Drake knew was that she could not move her face without excruciating pain, and she now had difficulties with her vision. She was terrified.

Miss Drake was unable to work, and during her recovery, she found meeting her rent and other important bills were becoming a problem. The worry of her financial position dragged her down and delayed her recovery. 

Compensation Settlement

Miss Drake decided to appoint a solicitor to represent her case and she had never done anything like this before. The solicitor explained how they might launch a compensation case against the employers for failed duty of care. They had a legal responsibility to her safety which was breached. Miss Drake was awarded an out of court settlement of £12,750 which included both special and general damages. 

Our case study is purely an example, not based on actual events. It examines how liability can be determined. 

Online personal injury claims calculators often miss the finer details of your claim and often under or over-value cases, leading to disappointment. When you talk to us we can provide an estimate having taken all areas of your case into consideration. 

Cheekbone Injury Compensation Calculation Estimates

When general and special damages are calculated together, they can greatly improve your cheek injury claim. Without the right advice, many people think the costs incurred to cope with their injuries are theirs to bear.  However, this may not be the case. Miss Drake’s break down may have looked like this:


General damages Special damages
Serious fractures requiring surgery £9,600 loss of earnings – £1,500
Travel costs to hospital – £100
Facial cosmetic procedures – £1,550


No Win No Fee Personal Injury Lawyers For A Cheek Injury Claim

No Win No Fee is an expression you may be familiar with. But what exactly are the advantages of using a No Win No Fee personal injury solicitor to launch your compensation case, and how could it help you?

The first advantage is that there are no costs upfront to pay a No Win No Fee solicitor. There are no fees to pay while the case is ongoing either, however long the case might take.

If your case fails, there’s nothing to pay the solicitor at all, and if the case wins you only have to pay a capped ‘success fee’ which is kept low by law. This will ensure that the bulk of the compensation in your cheek injury claim goes directly to you.

In addition to the points mentioned above, you receive top-quality legal advice and support throughout your case.

Discover Quality Personal Injury Solicitors For A Cheek Injury Claim

When you seek out a No Win No Fee personal injury lawyer online, you may only have a few customer reviews to rely on. There may be many unanswered questions, such as:

  • Firstly, how quickly does this company settle claims?
  • Secondly, do they value cheek injury claim amounts properly?
  • Thirdly, have they got experience with cases like mine?
  • And finally, how much success have they had with cases like mine?

We can help. Call our advisors who can assess your eligibility. If they think your case is valid they will introduce you to our panel of personal injury solicitors. They can settle cases like this remotely across the country. Thanks to the internet, it no longer matters where you live, and when you speak to us, you could be benefiting from our collective expertise.

Our Team

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We hope this guide has helped in your decision to start a compensation claim for accidents in the workplace, accidents in public places, or a road traffic accident. We look forward to helping you today.

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