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If you have suffered an injury through no fault of your own and are looking for how personal injury lawyers covering Telford could help you, then this page could be a very useful resource for you. We can provide you with legal advice about making a No Win No Fee personal injury claim.

This guide is an introduction to how making a personal injury claim works, get in touch with us using the contact details provided when you have finished reading if there is anything more that you wish to find out or if you want to begin making a claim.

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  8. Injured In An Assault Or Criminal Injury
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A Guide To Using Personal Injury Lawyers Covering Telford

This guide will cover a number of the different circumstances in which a person who has suffered an injury that was not their fault could make a compensation claim against those responsible. These can range from serious accidents on the road or at work to trips and falls while in the park or out in the shops. This guide will also cover other things that are important to know about making a claim, such as the importance of medical exams or making No Win No Fee claims.

We have included plenty of links to other useful resources and websites as well as pages on our website as well. Just remember that although a lot of information is included in this guide, this is still just an introduction, if you want to know more or wish to try to start a claim, get in touch and receive a free consultation from our team of professional legal advisors.

Workplace Illnesses, Injuries And Accidents

If you get injured in an accident at work that was not caused by your own actions then you could be entitled to claim compensation from your employer. This is because the ultimate responsibility for making sure there are adequate health and safety in the workplace is on the employer. The Health and Safety At Work Act 1974 states that the employer has an obligation to do all that is legally possible to reduce the risk of employees being injured in workplace accidents. If an accident occurs because this responsibility was not properly met, then a compensation claim could be made.

There are plenty of ways in which someone could get injured in an accident at work, even in workplaces that would appear to be perfectly safe. Here are some examples of how employees health and safety could be put at risk if health and safety rules are not followed properly by their employer.

  • Injuries occurring because of a lack of Personal Protective Equipment, like hardhats, eye protection or steel-toed boots.
  • Accidents caused by faulty or poorly maintained machinery.
  • Accidents caused by employees not receiving the required training for their role.
  • Slips, trips and falls occurring because of items and rubbish being left around the workplace or poor maintenance of the floors of the workplace.

If you would like to know more about making compensation claims for having an accident and being injured at work, please contact our team of legal advisors.

Telford Road Traffic Accidents

You could be entitled to claim compensation if you have had an injury in a road traffic accident that was someone else’s fault. Road users have a responsibility, a duty of care to other road users, to make sure that they are driving safely and not putting others at risk. That means:

  • Obeying the speed limit
  • Being observant for oncoming vehicles and pedestrians
  • Never driving after drinking alcohol or taking any other intoxicants
  • Never driving a car that has a fault that could pose a danger, such as non-functioning brakes or flat or worn out tyres.

If they have failed to abide by their responsibility and have caused an accident and injured you as a result, you could be entitled to claim compensation.

Although statistics show that Britain’s’ roads are gradually getting safer, every year thousands of people are still injured, sometimes killed, in road traffic accidents. In 2016 1,792 people died as a result of road accidents.

Injuries Caused By Accidents On Public Transport

If you suffer an injury while riding on public transport, such as a bus, a tram, a train, a taxi or a hired coach you could be entitled to claim compensation if the accident occurred as a result of the failure of the operator to run their service safely. Public transport operators have a duty of care over their passengers, they are obliged to ensure that there is as little risk as possible of people getting hurt while riding on their services. Some of the safety issues that they must abide by include:

  • Ensuring all drivers are trained and qualified to operate the vehicles correctly and safely
  • Ensuring that all vehicles are maintained to a safe standard and do not have mechanical faults that could trigger an accident
  • Ensuring that all fittings and facilities are safe, such as steps, chairs and windows.

If you have suffered an injury while riding on public transport and you believe that the operator of the service was at fault, then you can read more information about making a personal injury claim on our page about public transport accidents here. You are also more than welcome to speak to one of our legal advisors using our websites chat feature or the phone number provided.

Accidents In Car Parks

If an accident occurs in a car park and causes an injury in a car park as a result of poor safety and a lack of adequate maintenance then a personal injury claim could be made against the operator of the car park. This is because this type of accident could mean that the car park operator has failed in their duty of care to those people using the car park.

Accidents in car parks could be caused by:

  • Potholes and broken pavements causing trips and falls
  • Potholes or poor road surfaces causing car accidents
  • Unsafe or poorly functioning fittings, such as barriers, lights and signs.
  • Snow or ice on the ground causing slips and falls and car accidents.

If you have recently suffered an injury while in a car park, and you believe that the injury was caused by the car parks operators failure to keep the premises in a safe condition you could be entitled to make a compensation claim. Check out our page on car park claims and call our advisors for more information.

Bicycle Crashes And Accidents

The duty of care that drivers have towards other road users is especially important when it comes to cyclists. Cyclists lack the degree of physical protection afforded to other vehicle drivers by their vehicles. For this reason, cyclists are disproportionately more likely to be killed or suffer injuries in road traffic accidents.

If there is anything else that you want to know that hasn’t been covered about cycling accidents in this section or if you want to inquire about starting a personal injury claim then call our advice team using the phone number provided, or drop a message to our live support chat tab. You can also read through our guide specifically for making cycling claims.

Injured In A Public Place

Any person or business which owns or is responsible for a public place has public liability. That means that they have a duty of care over anyone making use of a public place, a responsibility to ensure that it is a safe place for people to go and make use of. If any person is injured because property or premises is in a state of unsafe disrepair, that person could have the right to make a compensation claim against the person or business responsible.

Injured In A Park Or Play Area

One example of a public space in which you could be injured as a side effect of the negligence of the party with the responsibility for the upkeep of the space is a park or play area. Often a park or a play area is the responsibility of the local council. Failing to properly maintain a park could lead to people injuring themselves on:

  • Broken pavements or paths
  • Broken or faulty playing equipment
  • Overgrown plant or tree roots sticking through pavements.

For more information about making a claim for an accident in a public park or playing area please consult our guide or call up one of our advisors using the phone number provided.

Injured In A Shop Or Retail Space

Another example of a public space in which an accident could ensue as a result of the negligence of the proprietors of the space is retail. If a shop or retail space is not operated correctly or safely then various accidents could ensure. These include:

  • Items falling off shelves and hitting people
  • Display stands collapsing
  • People being injured or run over by trolleys or carts.
  • Slips, trips and falls caused by poor flooring or by items being left lying on the floor.

For more information about making a compensation claim against a shop, you can read our guide or consult one of our legal advisors.

Injured In A Slip And Fall Accident

Slipping or tripping might seem like a minor accident. But you could be entitled to make a compensation claim if you have a falling accident because you were in a public place or on the premises of property open to the public because that property was in a state of disrepair. Both private organisations and public institutions have an obligation to make sure that their premises are safe for the public and their guests. One of the ways this obligation could be failed would be if they allowed the floor or paving of their property to deteriorate to the point where it poses a risk of causing people to trip or slip and fall.

Some of the ways that a trip, slip or fall could result from a failure to maintain a property could include:

  • Potholes and broken pavement
  • Broken, loose or slippery steps in staircases or escalators.
  • Unmarked steps.
  • Tripping hazards, such as loose wires or discarded packaging
  • Slipping hazards such as ice or spilt liquids.

The HSE (Health and Safety Executive) reports that slips, trips and falls are the most common form of accident in the workplace and that over 95% of serious falls result in broken bones. A trip, slip or fall can lead to someone suffering a very serious injury if they fall from a height or strike objects on the way down.

For more information about slips, trips and falls you can consult our guide on this page, or if you wish to speak to someone about starting a claim, you can have a free consultation with one of our advisors.

Injured Due To Local Authority And Council Accidents

Local authorities are responsible for numerous different facilities and properties. If there is a premises or infrastructure which a local authority is responsible for then the local authority has a duty of care to make sure that it is in a safe condition for the public to make use of it. If somebody gets hurt in an accident caused by the local council’s failures then they could be entitled to make a personal injury claim against the local council.

Some of the local council’s responsibilities can include:

  • Public parks and playing areas
  • Libraries
  • Recreation centres and gyms
  • Youth clubs
  • Certain roads and pavements

If you suffer an injury or damage to your property or belongings (such as your car in an accident) you could be entitled to bring a claim against the local council. For more information about this, you can consult our page on council accident claims and contact our team of advisors using the contact details we have provided.

Injured In An Assault Or Criminal Injury

If you have suffered an injury as a result of an assault or other criminal act committed against you, you could be entitled to claim compensation. A criminal injury claim can be made to CICA, the Criminal Injury Compensation Authority. CICA is a government-funded body which processes and awards compensation. You could be entitled to make a criminal injury claim if you have:

  • Been injured as a direct result of criminal violence, i.e. targeted for an assault.
  • Been injured indirectly as a result of a crime, i.e. being injured accidentally as a result of criminal violence or suffering from PTSD or trauma as a result of witnessing a violent crime
  • Been injured while attempting to stop or apprehend someone who has committed or was intending to commit a violent crime.

To find out more about carrying out criminal injury compensation claims, you can call our team using the contact information at the bottom of this page, and you can also check out the CICA’s website.

Statistics For Victim Based Crime In Telford And Wrekin

See the table below for the latest figures (at time of writing) of crime in Telford.

Top Reported Crimes Frequency
Violence against the person2098
Other forms of theft1299
Sexual offences679

How To Claim With A Compensation Lawyer Covering Telford

A good personal injury lawyer will make sure that you are always kept well informed about how the claim is progressing and why certain things are being done. Some important considerations when it comes to making claims are highlighted in the two sub-sections below.

Do I Need A Medical Exam?

You will need to undergo a medical exam. If your injury was severe enough you will probably have already been seen by a doctor. However, when undergoing a claim you will also receive a medical examination by a doctor in order to make sure that the claim can go ahead. This is because there needs to be an official record confirming that you have suffered an injury. This medical examination will also assess the actual extent of the injury and the prognosis for what kind of impact on your health and your life the injury will have in the future. This will allow the lawyer taking on your case to work out how much compensation you will be entitled to make a claim for.

Do I Need A Lawyer From My Local Area?

It is not essential to work with a lawyer who is based locally. A personal injury claim can be managed between you and your lawyer without meeting face to face. Video calls, phone calls and emails can be used to discuss any of the necessary details of your claim. Some people might find this method of working from home to be much easier than arranging and travelling to face to face meetings.

Should I Check My Lawyer Is Rated And Reviewed?

It is definitely always a good idea to read through lawyer reviews online before choosing one. You need to have an idea of the quality of the lawyer you will work with before you begin. Use reviews to find a lawyer who has a record of successfully supporting personal injury compensation claims similar to yours. Reviews can give you a good impression of how successful the lawyers have been in their previous cases, but just as importantly they can also give you a good idea of how good the lawyer is at communicating with their clients and whether or not they have the right kind of professional attitude for dealing with personal injury cases.

You can afford to be choosy when looking for a lawyer, remember that you aren’t limited to just using personal injury lawyers based in Telford, you can use a personal injury lawyer from nearly any part of the UK for your case.

What Are The Typical Payouts For A Personal Injury Claim?

The amount of compensation you can be entitled to depends on how severe the injury is. If the injury was relatively minor and you are fully recovered in a relatively short space of time, then the compensation you could be entitled to receive may be lower. If the injury you suffered was serious and has long-lasting, or life-long impacts, then the amount of compensation you could be entitled to claim will likely be higher.

We cannot say exactly at this point how much compensation you could be entitled to, compensation is decided on a case by case basis based on the outcome of a medical examination and a calculation of your total financial losses. To begin to find out what amount of compensation you could be entitled to, get in touch with our team of advisors to discuss your circumstances. The table below could be helpful to you in showing some examples of the amount of money that can be awarded for various different types of injuries.

Brain DamageModerately to Very Severe£14,380 to £379,100
Neck InjuryModerate to Severe£7,410 to (the region of) £139,210
Shoulder InjuriesSerious to Severe£11,980 to £45,070
Back InjuriesModerate to Severe£26,050 to £151,070
Hip/Pelvis InjuriesModerate to Severe£11,820 to £122,860
Leg InjuriesModerate to Very Serious£26,050 to £85,600
Foot InjuriesSerious to Severe£23,460 to £65,710

Personal Injury Lawyers – No Win No Fee Funding

This is a type of claim where you will not be required to pay legal fees to your solicitor upfront before the claim process begins, but you will be expected to share a portion of your compensation with your solicitor if the case is successful. The amount that is shared is negotiable and legally capped at a minority portion. You won’t be asked to pay legal fees to your solicitor if a legitimate claim is rejected.

Consulting A Lawyer

If you have any more questions about making claims or if reading this article has convinced you to try to start making a claim, then get in touch with our advisors and they can give you a free consultation. Getting in touch is simple and easy, you can either call 0800 408 7825 or send a message to our live support chat tab at the bottom of this page.


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