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Personal injury lawyers Doncaster

Personal injury lawyers Doncaster

If you’ve had an accident and suffered an injury that was not your fault or have suffered illness due to someone’s negligence, you may be able to make a personal injury claim for compensation. While you could go ahead with a claim on your own, you may wish to consider using a personal injury lawyer covering Doncaster to help strengthen your claim and maximise the amount of compensation you receive. 

But what kind of personal injury claims could you make, what are the restrictions when it comes to making a claim, and how could you find out whether the illness or injury you’ve suffered could lead to a claim? This guide has been created to answer all these questions and more.

Whether you’ve suffered injuries in a road traffic accident in Doncaster or slipped and fallen in a supermarket, been the victim of a criminal assault or suffered an injury at work, we have produced information to help you ascertain whether your situation could lead to a claim.

If you have any questions about anything contained in the sections below, you could call us at any time on 0800 408 7825. We could offer you a free assessment of your case to see if you could be eligible to claim compensation with personal injury law firms covering Doncaster and could connect you with lawyers to help you start your claim.

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A Guide To Using Personal Injury Lawyers Covering The Doncaster Area

Whether you live, work or visit Doncaster, you would expect to do so without suffering illness or injury due to another person’s dangerous or negligent behaviour. However, if this happens to you, you may be able to claim compensation with the help of a personal injury lawyer covering Doncaster. 

A lawyer could help you claim compensation for a variety of different public injury claims, criminal injury claims, work accident claims and more. While it isn’t a legal requirement for you to use lawyers to make such claims, a No Win No Fee personal injury lawyer covering Doncaster could help take the stress of building a case off your shoulders, allowing you to concentrate on recovering from the injury or illness you’ve suffered. 

But what types of claims could you make? Here are a few examples:

You could claim for:

  • A road traffic accident in Doncaster if you suffered an injury due to another road user’s fault
  • A fatal accident in Doncaster suffered by a family member
  • A criminal incident in Doncaster that has caused you injury, such as being the victim of an assault
  • An injury from a trip or fall in a supermarket, retail space or other public place caused by someone else’s negligence (known as public accident claims)
  • An injury sustained on a public path or in a public park caused by the council’s negligence
  • A workplace accident in Doncaster caused by your employer’s negligence

There are more examples of situations that could lead to a claim in the sections below. However, if you have been injured in Doncaster due to negligence or dangerous behaviour of any kind, it may be a good idea for you to get an assessment of the situation to see if you could be eligible to claim compensation. 

We could offer you a free assessment, with no obligation to use our services. If we believe your claim is a valid one, we could even help you begin your claim by connecting you with a personal injury lawyer who could fight for the compensation you deserve for your injuries or illness.

Accidents, Illness And Injuries In A Doncaster Workplace

By law, your employer should protect your health and safety while you are at work. This means taking reasonable steps to protect you from work-related illnesses and injuries. However, accident and work-related illnesses do occur in the UK, and as per the statistics produced by the Health And Safety Executive for 2018/19, the numbers of workplace accidents and illnesses are quite eye-opening. For example:

  • There were 28.2 million workdays lost to work-related illness or injury in 2018/19
  • 69,208 workers suffered non-fatal injuries at work in the same period
  • 147 workers suffered fatal injuries during 2018/19
  • 600,000 (new or continuing) cases of work-related depression, stress or anxiety were also recorded in this period

If you have suffered an accident at work due to your employer’s failure to protect your health and safety, a personal injury lawyer covering Doncaster could help you claim against your employer for your injury and any expenses associated with it, such as lost wages, medical and travel costs. While you may find it daunting to make a claim against an employer, you should be aware that:

  1. There is legislation to protect you from unfair treatment by your employer due to your claim
  2. Your employer should have insurance to cover the cost of your claim

Whether you have suffered a workplace injury in Doncaster due to lack of PPE, lack of training, an unsafe workplace, or any other failure of your employer to look after your health and safety, it may be worth getting an assessment to see if you could be entitled to claim compensation.

Traffic Accidents In Doncaster

Traffic accidents could happen anywhere, and Doncaster is no exception. According to Government statistics, 684 accidents happened on Doncaster roads alone in 2017.

Whether you’ve been injured in a car accident on a Doncaster road due to another driver failing to stop at a crossroad, someone has crashed into you while dangerously overtaking you, or you’ve been shunted from behind at traffic lights, if you’ve sustained an injury due to someone else’s unsafe behaviour on the road, you may be able to make a car accident claim for compensation. 

Making a car accident claim in Doncaster could be complex, especially if there are serious injuries involved or if the other driver does not admit fault for their actions, which is why having a personal injury lawyer covering Doncaster to help you with your claim could be very useful.

Crashes And Accidents When Using Public Transport

It isn’t just car accidents and crashes you could claim for, however. If you have been using public transport in Doncaster, such as the bus, a taxi or train, and have been injured due to someone else’s fault, this could lead to you being able to make a claim for compensation. 

Liable parties may include a taxi firm, bus company or train operator, or another company or person that caused the accident. Sometimes, working out who you could claim against could be complex. A personal injury law expert could help you ascertain who could be held responsible for your injuries and could help you launch your claim against the relevant party.

Crashes And Pedestrian Accidents In A Car Park

Another type of claim that a personal injury lawyer covering Doncaster could help with could be an accident that has occurred in a car park. Whether you have been injured as a pedestrian when a driver has failed to stick to the speed limit in the car park, or you’ve been crashed into by another vehicle as you were waiting to pull out of a car park, you may be eligible to claim compensation for injuries sustained due to someone else’s behaviour when using the car park. Liable parties may include other car park users or the car park operator themselves.

Accidents When Cycling

Whether you are cycling for pleasure or commuting, cyclists are amongst the most vulnerable categories of road users, according to the government, with 3,133 being killed or seriously injured on UK roads in 2017 alone. Whether you’re looking to claim fatal accident compensation for a loved one who has lost their lives in a cycling accident that was not their fault, or you are claiming for injuries ranging from minor to severe for your own non-fault accident, a personal injury lawyer covering Doncaster claims could assist with putting a claim together and negotiating a compensation settlement with the liable party, either in or outside of the courtroom.

Accidents Which Happened In Public Places

If you have been injured in a public place, you may not be aware that you could claim compensation for your accident. After all, you may assume that since it is a public place, no one has liability for your accident. However, there could be a wide variety of responsible parties that you could claim against, depending on where and why you’ve been injured. 

Getting an assessment as to whether personal injury lawyers covering Doncaster could help you claim against a responsible party would be a wise idea if you’ve been injured in a public place, and we could help you with this. Below, we offer some examples of the types of public place accidents you could claim for.

Accidents In Public Parks And Play Areas

Public parks and play areas are usually the responsibility of the local authority. They are responsible for making many public places fit for use and should keep them to a safe standard. 

If, for example, they have failed to respond to reports of unsafe public park pathways, or unsafe play equipment in a public park, and you or your child have been injured as a result of their failure to signpost or fix such issues, they could be held liable for the accident that has caused the injury.

Accidents In Retail Spaces And Supermarkets

It is a requirement that supermarkets and retailers have public liability insurance in order to cover the cost of claims if a member of the public suffers injury on their premises. It is also a legal requirement for such businesses to look after the health and safety of those using their facilities. 

If, for example, you’ve been injured in a supermarket trip, slip or fall due to unsafe flooring, or you’ve fallen from an unsafe balcony at a retail shopping space, a personal injury lawyer covering Doncaster could help you hold those responsible to account, and negotiate for them to pay you compensation for your injuries.

Tripping Or Falling Over In Doncaster

You may assume that a simple trip or slip would be an accident that wasn’t anyone’s fault and just an unfortunate incident. However, this may not be the case. 

Of course, if you were to trip over poorly fastened shoelaces and injure yourself, this would not make you eligible to claim compensation. However, if you tripped over something that was in a dangerous place, slipped on something that should have been cleaned up, or fallen due to someone else’s negligence or dangerous behaviour, depending on where you were and the reason for your trip, slip or fall, you may be able to claim for compensation for your injuries.

Liable parties could include:

  • An employer, if you tripped, slipped or fell due to an unsafe workplace
  • The local authority, for accidents in public spaces due to poor maintenance and upkeep
  • A retailer, if your slip or fall was due to unsafe retail premises

These are just a few examples. To get an assessment of whether a personal injury lawyer covering Doncaster could help you claim for a slip, trip or fall, why not call our friendly team for free advice and support.

Accidents Caused By A Councils Negligence

We touched on council negligence previously in this guide when it came to public place accidents, but there are other accidents caused by a council’s negligence that a personal injury lawyer covering Doncaster could also help you with. 

If the local council has failed to keep areas they are responsible for free of foreseeable hazards, and you are injured as a result, you could be eligible to claim compensation for the harm you’ve suffered due to their negligence. Incidents could include:

  • Accidents caused by unsafe council car parks
  • Accidents in public libraries
  • Accidents in other council operated buildings, such as job centres
  • Accidents on public footpaths
  • Accidents in local authority housing

If you feel you might have a claim against the local council for an accident that you feel was their fault, our team could offer you a free, no-obligation assessment as to whether you could be eligible to claim.

Assaults And Violent Crimes In Doncaster

Unfortunately, crime could happen all across the UK and Doncaster is no exception. Whether you’ve been injured as a result of an assault, suffered an injury trying to stop a crime, or been sexually assaulted or abused, you may be able to make a criminal injury claim through the CICA (Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority). In some cases, you may be able to make a civil claim against the perpetrator themselves.

We understand that making such claims could be daunting. However, if you have been the innocent victim of a crime, you could be eligible to claim compensation not just for the injuries you’ve suffered, but in some cases for loss of earnings, counselling costs and more, which could help you move forward after such an experience.

Rates Of Victim Based Crime In Doncaster

According to LG Inform, the statistics for crimes in Doncaster for the 12 months ending in April 2020 are as follows:

Top Reported Crimes Frequency
Violence against the person 3,857
Other forms of theft 3,228
Vehicle offences 3,470
Shoplifting 2,557
Bicycle theft / offences 259
Sexual offences 992

Whatever type of injury you’ve suffered, whether physical or psychological, making a compensation claim could help you look to a brighter future after such an incident has taken place.

How An Injury Claim Lawyer Could Help You

We have mentioned earlier in this guide that it is not a legal requirement to have a personal injury lawyer covering Doncaster help you with your claim. However, there are several benefits to having a lawyer on your side, such as:

  • Less stress – knowing your case is in the hands of someone who has handled many claims before could give you the comfort that your case is being handled professionally, and you only have to provide what your lawyer asks you to. The stress of building a case would not be on your shoulders.
  • Time to recover – if you are still recovering from your injuries or illness, you would not have the added pressure of fighting your claim alone, giving you more time to concentrate on your recovery.
  • Maximise compensation – you may not be aware of what could be included within your claim. The best personal injury lawyers covering Doncaster would know exactly what could be included within your claim in order to ensure you don’t miss out on the compensation you could be eligible for.
  • All legal concerns are taken care of – a solicitor could ensure you do not fall foul of the personal injury claims time limit pertaining to your case, and if the evidence is still being collected, for example, and your case is becoming close to its time limit, they could launch pre-litigation proceedings to ensure your case isn’t time-barred.
  • Collecting the relevant evidence – top personal injury lawyers covering Doncaster know how important getting the right evidence to prove your case is. From requesting CCTV footage to helping you get independent medical assessments, your lawyer could help ensure your case is as strong as it could be.

Why Do You Need Medical Evidence?

For a personal injury claim to be valid, you would have to prove that you had suffered injuries, and simply visiting your own GP or minor injury unit in Doncaster would not usually be evidence enough. 

As part of your claim, you would need to undergo a medical assessment by an independent party, who would examine you and compile a report detailing your injuries and your prognosis. This report could be used to hone in on a value for your claim.

Will I Have A Solicitor From My Local Area?

If you’re under the impression that only personal injury lawyers in Doncaster could take on your claim, this couldn’t be further from the truth. A personal injury lawyer covering Doncaster, on a No Win No Fee basis, could be based anywhere in the UK. It would not be necessary to restrict yourself to local solicitors when there are many top lawyers that could take on your claim based across the country.

Does It Help You To Look At Reviews Of Lawyers?

When it comes to finding an appropriate personal injury lawyer covering Doncaster to help you with a claim for compensation, you could perform a simple web search. If you do, however, you are likely to see many results all seemingly offering the same type of services. To differentiate between solicitors, you could check their reviews. This could give you insight into:

  • Their success rate
  • Their communication skills
  • What kinds of claims they’ve handled before
  • How happy previous claimants have been

Typical Injury Claim Compensation Calculator

A common question amongst claimants is ‘How much compensation is my claim worth?’. This is not an easy question to answer with any accuracy, as each claim is assessed on its own unique facts, which means any figure you’d get from a personal injury claims calculator would only ever be a very rough estimate.

Below, however, you can see what the Judicial College Guidelines have to say about compensation amounts for specific injuries. We have included a selection of common injuries below, but if your injury isn’t shown here, do feel free to call us for further insight.

Injury Severity Guideline Amount
Psychiatric damage Severe £51,460 to £108,620
Eye injuries Minor £3,710 to £8,200
Neck injuries Moderate £7,410 to £36,120
Back injuries Severe £36,390 to £151,070
Pelvic/hip injuries Severe £36,770 to £122,860
Leg injuries Severe £36,790 – £127,530

In addition to the compensation amounts for your injuries/illnesses themselves, you could also be eligible to claim for lost wages, care costs, medical expenses and other expenses that have arisen directly as a result of your injury or illness.

No Win No Fee Personal Injury Lawyers Who Cover Doncaster

Whether you are making a Doncaster personal injury claim for a workplace accident, criminal injury or car accident in Doncaster, you might be interested to learn that a No Win No Fee personal injury lawyer covering Doncaster could take on your case without asking for any money upfront, or indeed, until your case has been successfully settled.

Under No Win No Fee payment terms, you’d be required to sign a document known as a Conditional Fee Agreement. This would provide your personal injury lawyer with a promise that you would pay them a small success fee on completion of a successful claim. If your claim wasn’t successful, and no compensation was awarded or negotiated, then you would not be required to pay this success fee. You wouldn’t be required to pay the lawyer’s costs incurred as a result of pursuing your claim either.

We know you might have some questions about retaining the services of an accident compensation lawyer on this basis. If you do, why not call our friendly team and we’ll be glad to answer your questions.

Consulting A Lawyer

As we mentioned above, there are several benefits to retaining the services of a personal injury lawyer covering Doncaster on a No Win No Fee basis. Whether you’re unsure as to whether you could be eligible to claim, or would like to get started right away, our team could help you move forward, no matter what type of claim you’re making.

You can call us on 0800 408 7825 at any time for support and guidance, use the live chat feature on our site, or fill in the contact form and we’ll come back to you as soon as we can.


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