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Personal injury lawyers Chester

Personal injury lawyers Chester

There are many situations in everyday life that can, unfortunately, end up in you suffering an injury. Normal scenarios like driving to work, visiting a park, going to the shops or riding a bike all carry risks and could result in an accident. If the accident has been caused by somebody else’s negligence, you might be able to claim compensation from them for any suffering. In this guide, we’re going to look at how a personal injury lawyer covering Chester could support a claim. We’ll discuss the different types of accident that might lead to a claim, when somebody else might be to blame and what amount of compensation might be paid.

To help you begin, we offer a no-obligation assessment of your claim. An advisor will go through what happened and review any evidence you’re able to supply. If they believe the claim might be successful, they’re able to refer you to one of our panel of No Win No Fee personal injury lawyers.

If you’re ready to discuss your claim right away, please call us on 0800 408 7825 today. Alternatively, please continue reading to see what types of claim we could help you with.

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A Guide To Using Personal Injury Lawyers Handling Claims In Chester

When you’re involved in a no-fault accident, we believe you’re well within your rights to consider making a compensation claim. That could be for the pain or suffering caused by your injuries and any costs you’ve incurred as a result.

Having a personal injury lawyer on your side can make the process of claiming a lot easier as they’ll use their knowledge and experience to help you provide the evidence you need to support your claim. 

You should try and begin your claim as soon as possible in our experience. That’s because your lawyer will need to complete many tasks before they submit your claim and there’s a personal injury claims time limit of 3-years from the accident date. If the claim is made outside of that time limit, you’ll miss out on any compensation you might’ve received.

Our aim is to help make the claims process easier for you. Once you’ve read this guide, if you have any questions or would like to begin your claim, please contact us on the number at the top of the page.

Illness And Injuries At Work

While you’re at work, whether that’s in an office, warehouse, factory or on a building site, your employer has a duty of care to ensure that the environment is safe so far as reasonably possible, and to remove any dangers they identify. If they don’t, and you’re injured in a workplace accident, you might be entitled to seek compensation from them.

For instance, it might be possible to claim for accidents caused by:

  • Insufficient safety training.
  • Unmaintained equipment or machinery.
  • Inadequate safety equipment.

For further advice on how we could help you claim, please speak with one of our experts today.

Chester Traffic, Car And Vehicle Accidents

If you’re a regular commuter or road user, you’re probably used to seeing road traffic accidents on a regular basis. If you’re involved in an accident on a Chester road, and somebody else is to blame, you could begin a claim against them.

In the unfortunate event that you are involved in an RTA, you should try to collect evidence of who’s to blame as soon as possible. That includes photographs of the accident scene, details of the other driver and details of any witnesses. You should also have any injuries treated at A&E or your local GP.

If you’ve been involved in an RTA and would like support making a claim, please contact a member of our team today.

Accidents In Public Transport

If you’re a passenger on public transport that’s involved in a traffic accident in Chester, you could be able to claim against the responsible party. In some cases that will be another road user, in others, it could be the driver of public transport. These claims could be against operators of buses, taxis, trams, trains, Uber cars and coaches.

Again, this is something our team can help you with. Simply give us a call or send us a message using our live chat function, bottom right, to find out more.

Accidents In Car Parks In Chester

Car park accidents are sometimes possible if the operator or another driver is responsible for your injuries. Claims against the car park operator could be possible because:

  • Your vehicle (or you) were struck by a faulty barrier.
  • You fell over because of a defect in the road or pathways.
  • You were injured by damaged payment machines or bollards.

Also, you could make a claim against another driver’s insurance if you are involved in a collision with them that was their fault.

If you’d like to claim for an accident in a car park, please contact our advisors today.

Cyclist And Motorcycle Injuries

Another type of claim a personal injury lawyer covering Chester could help with is one involving injuries to a cyclist. Due to the fact cyclists and motorcyclists have very little protection, the injuries they could sustain in a Chester road traffic accident can be very serious.

If you can prove that another road user was responsible for your accident, then you could be entitled to claim against them. Where possible, you should try to photograph the scene of the accident, gather witness details and seek medical treatment for your injuries. Taking these steps could help provide crucial evidence to support your claim.

Injuries In A Public Place

When we talk about accidents in a public place, we’re generally talking about places you’re able to visit without seeking prior permission. Such places might include train stations, shopping centres, gyms, playing fields or public rights of way. In some cases, it might be difficult to decide who the claim needs to be made against as it might be the landowner rather than the occupier who is responsible. In most cases, businesses and operators will have public liability insurance in place to cover such claims.

If you’d like help making a claim for an accident in a public place, please speak with us for free advice today.

Nature And Public Park Accidents

If you’re injured in parks or nature reserves such as Sandy Lane Park, Caldy Nature Park or Countess of Chester Country Park, you could be entitled to claim if the accident was caused by the negligence of the site operator.

You could be entitled to claim for injuries caused by:

  • Damaged fencing or gates.
  • Faulty play equipment.
  • Poorly maintained outdoor gym apparatus.
  • Missing safety equipment (such as padded floor tiles).
  • Damaged furniture.

If you’d like advice on beginning a claim of this type, please speak to our specialists today.

Retail Park And Shopping Centre Accidents

As a customer in a shop or shopping centre, you are owed a duty of care by the retailer or site operator who should try and keep you safe while using their facilities. That means that if you have an accident because they were negligent or failed to follow their own safety procedures, then you could be entitled to make a claim against them.

For instance, you could make a claim for shopping accidents caused by:

  • Damaged shelving or racking.
  • Slippery floors caused by leaks, spillages or cleaning where warning signs aren’t used.
  • Stock that has been dropped or left to obstruct aisles.

For free assistance with making a claim against a shop, please contact an advisor today.

Injuries Caused By Tripping And Slipping

If you’re involved in an accident which causes you to slip or trip and fall, you could suffer some very serious injuries. Some examples include:

  • Concussions and other head injuries.
  • Neck injuries including whiplash.
  • Broken bones.
  • Bruising and lacerations.
  • Back injuries.

There are many reasons why somebody else might be responsible for your fall. Here are some examples:

  • Items obstructing walkways.
  • Poor lighting which makes hazards difficult to see.
  • Cables trailed across a walkway.
  • Broken handrails causing you to fall.
  • Wet or slippery floors where inadequate signage is used to warn of the danger.

For free support with making a claim for a fall, please contact our team today.

Chester Council Accidents And Injuries

If you’ve been involved in a Chester accident which was caused by Chester Council’s negligence, you could be entitled to make a claim against them. One of their biggest responsibilities is to inspect and maintain public highways like roads and footpaths.

As a result, if you’re injured by a defect which is deeper or taller than 1 inch, you could make a claim for council accidents caused by:

  • Broken or missing kerbstones.
  • Tree roots that have broken through the surface of a path.
  • Potholes or sinkholes.
  • Uneven or raised paving slabs.

Chester Council must have in place a reasonable system of inspection and a system for acting upon defects when they’re reported by the public. If they’re found to be in breach of these obligations, you could have grounds for a claim.

Our team of specialist advisors could help you begin your claim so please get in touch for your no-obligation consultation today.

CICA Assault And Criminal Injury Claims

You might not be aware that if you’ve been injured (either physically or psychologically), you could be entitled to claim compensation via the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA). If there’s no other way of claiming (i.e. from the criminal themselves), you could claim from the scheme even if the criminal hasn’t been identified or prosecuted.

As this is not a normal personal injury claim, the eligibility criteria are slightly different. For instance, the crime has to have been reported to the police and you normally only have 2-years to make your claim from the date of the incident. In some extreme circumstances, such as historical offences, you might be able to claim beyond the limitation period.

For free advice on whether you could claim through the CICA scheme, speak with an advisor today.

Rates Of Criminal Injuries Affecting Victims In Chester And Cheshire West

To give you an idea of the rate of crime in the Chester area, we’ve provided the table below which is based on government statistics from 2019/20.

Most Frequent Crimes Total Reports
Violence crimes against individuals 3,207
Non-motoring thefts 2,383
Shoplifting 2,124
Vehicle-related crimes 866
Burglary 847
Sexual offences 841

How Do I Make A Claim For A Personal Injury With A Lawyer?

During the next few sections, we’re going to consider how you can find the best No Win No Fee personal injury lawyer covering Chester to take on your case. We’ll review where the solicitor should be based, whether you should have a medical assessment and how online reviews can help your search.

If you’d like any help with choosing a lawyer to support your claim, you could call a member of our team for free advice. If they believe your case is strong enough, they could save you the hassle of searching by referring you to one of the specialist lawyers on our panel.

What Is A Medical Examination And Do I Need One?

It’s vitally important that when you make a personal injury claim, you can prove the true extent of your injuries. That’s because, as you’ll see later in this guide, compensation is based on the severity of any illness or injury. To help demonstrate how much you’ve suffered, your solicitor will arrange for a local medical assessment to be carried out.

During the appointment, the doctor (or medical specialist) will review your medical notes and ask several questions. Then they’ll write a report to explain what injuries you sustained, what impact they had on your everyday life and if any injuries or disabilities will be present in the long term.

Do I Need A Local Injury Solicitor?

You might think that the best injury lawyers covering Chester are those who are based in the likes of Chester City Centre, but there’s really no reason to stick to law firms in the Chester area. If you’ve been looking for solicitors in Chester City Centre, widening your search could help you locate a solicitor with more experience or one who specialises in cases like yours. The location of the solicitor’s office really doesn’t matter these days as most claims are handled over email, telephone and online so you’re free to search anywhere for the best personal injury lawyer to handle your claim.

Do Reviews Of Lawyers Help You Choose Who To Handle Your Claim?

If you take to the internet to help you choose personal injury lawyers based in Chester, it’s highly likely that you’ll stumble across some online reviews. We believe they’re a great starting point for your search as you’ll see what previous clients thought about the service they received. Usually, you’ll get an indication of whether they were happy with how much compensation was paid and how long the process took to complete.

We’d also advise that you call any potential solicitor after reading their reviews. By doing so, you could find out how you’ll get along with them. That can be an important factor as some claims can take many months to process. Also, when speaking to them, you can find out what recent experience they’ve had with cases similar to yours.

Calculating Personal Injury Claim Settlements

Now it’s time to discuss how much compensation you could be entitled to. We don’t offer a personal injury claims calculator here because we know that every claim is unique and such tools can give misleading results. Instead, we’ve provided some example compensation amounts for specific injuries in the table below. When you speak with a personal injury lawyer, they’ll be able to explain in more detail what you could be entitled to claim.

Type of Claim Severity Compensation Range Additional Comments
Jaw Fracture £6,060 to £8,200 A simple fracture of the was where immobilisation is required but the victim will go on to recover completely.
Neck Severe £61,710 to £122,860 This is one of the most serious injury brackets and covers fractures and damage to the cervical spine which result in disabilities such as loss of function of one or more limbs.
Back Moderate £11,730 to £26,050 This bracket covers a number of frequently encountered injuries. The award size will depend on factors such as the extent of the injury, the degree of pain, the type of treatment required and the ability to function normally in everyday life
Arms Amputation £102,890 to £122,860 This covers an above the elbow amputation which results in a shorter stump and could make a prosthetic difficult to use.
Elbow Moderate or Minor Up to £11,820 This bracket includes injuries such as lacerations, tennis elbow and simple fractures of the elbow.
Fingers Fracture of Index Finger £8,550 to £11,480 A category which covers the fracture of an index finger where recovery is complete but where grip has remained impaired.
Knee Moderate £13,920 to £24,580 This category is used for a torn meniscus, torn cartilage or dislocation of the knee.
Foot Moderate £12,900 to £23,460 This category covers displaced fractures of the metatarsal which causes a permanent deformity to remain.

The figures listed in the table are for the pain, suffering and loss of amenity you’ve suffered as a result of your injuries. On top of that, you could also ask for any costs you’ve incurred due to your injuries to be paid back as well. For instance, you could ask for any medical expenses, lost earnings, care costs or travel-related expenses to be paid back as part of your claim.

No Win No Fee Personal Injury Lawyers Who Cover Chester

It’s completely normal to worry about the risks involved with making a personal injury claim following an accident in Chester. To help reduce the financial risks of claiming and to lower the amount of stress involved, our panel of lawyers offer a No Win No Fee service for all claims they are involved with.

The first step of the process is for the lawyer to check there’s a chance of making a successful claim. If they agree to move forward with the claim, you’ll receive a No Win No Fee agreement (called a Conditional Fee Agreement or CFA) to sign.

The CFA is what’s used to fund your claim and is a contract between you and your personal injury solicitor. There are some key reasons why a CFA is beneficial, including:

  • There are no fees to pay upfront which allows the claim to start right away.
  • As the claim progresses, you won’t be asked to pay any solicitor’s fees.
  • You won’t have to pay your solicitor’s fees if they fail to win your claim.

If the claim is won, and a settlement is agreed, your solicitor will retain a small percentage of your compensation. This is called a success fee that’s used to cover the solicitor’s time and costs. Don’t worry too much though as success fees are listed in your CFA and are legally capped.

If you’d like more information on claiming using a No Win No Fee service, please speak with an advisor today.

How Do I Consult A Lawyer?

We hope that you’ve found this guide about picking personal injury law firms covering Chester helpful. If you’re now in a position to begin your claim, we’d be delighted to support your case. To get in touch with us, you can:

  • Call one of our specialist advisors for free claims advice on 0800 408 7825
  • Use our online form to submit details of your claim.
  • Ask a member of our online team for advice by using our live chat feature.

For all claims, we’ll follow a process that begins with a free, no-obligation consultation. An advisor will review what’s happened and look at any evidence you can supply. If they believe your claim might result in you being compensated, they can refer you to one of our panel of specialist personal injury lawyers. If they concur and decide to handle your claim, it will always be on a No Win No Fee basis.


We’ve now reached the final section of this guide about selecting a personal injury lawyer covering Chester. In case you require any further information, we’ve linked to some additional resources below. Also, you’ll find contact details for the local court and Chester council. If there’s anything else you’d like to know, please contact a member of our team.

Road Traffic Accidents – This guide could prove useful if you’ve suffered a Chester road accident that wasn’t your fault.

Public Injury Claims – Advice on what you should do in the event that you’re injured in a public place.

Shopping Centre Claims – This article could help if you’ve suffered an accident in a shopping mall such as the Grosvenor Shopping Centre.

Have I Broken A Bone? – Advice from the NHS that could help you determine if you’ve fractured a bone.

Magistrates’ Courts – Information from the government on how magistrates’ courts work.

Hospital Locator –  A useful NHS tool that lets you search your local area for medical services.

Where Your Medical Assessment Could Take Place

Medical Expert Address
Shehzad Hanif Union Walk,
Frodsham House,
Chester, CH1 3LF
Jessica Spaulding Greenfield Lane,
Chester, CH2 2PA.
Mohammed Safdat Trinity Street,
Chester, CH1 2BD

Chester Civil And Family Justice Centre

Chester Civil and Family Justice Centre
Trident House,
Little St John Street,
Chester, CH1 1SN.

Cheshire West And Chester Council

Cheshire West and Chester Council
58 Nicholas Street
Chester, CH1 2NP


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