How Can We Lower The Risk Of Public Accident Claims In The UK?

Thanks to the busy lives we all lead, accidents can happen all the time and are generally considered a part of everyday life. Although we are unlikely to completely prevent all public accidents from happening, there are a lot of things that we can actually do.

This is particularly important as we have developed a culture of suing. So anytime anyone is involved in an accident or incident and injured, we want to claim compensation. That is fine and that is what we are allowed to do. However, rather than just accepting that this is the way things are, we have tried to highlight in this post some tips and advice for how we can all have a part in reducing the number of compensation claims for public accidents.

Whilst we don’t need to become a hypochondriac every time we leave the house, thinking something is bound to happen, it is good to maintain our own levels of awareness and not just to rely on the training of staff in public places when it comes to health and safety. Read on to find out some of the best ways the risk of accidents in public can be reduced, which in turn will bring down the number of public accident claims in the UK.

Education for Prevention

Education to aid prevention is one of the best ways to stop accidents happening which can, in turn, raise compensation claims. Part of the reason accidents happen, its true is negligence and very often people know what they are doing is wrong or dangerous and still take risks.

However, there are often cases when the general public or other people do not know what they are doing or failing to do is dangerous and can cause accidents. This can be prevented, therefore, by increasing awareness and education about the various accidents that can happen in public places.

This education could be in the form of advertising campaigns, better laid-out and more informative guides, pamphlets, leaflets and other forms of correspondence or just ensuring that areas have the correct safety signage and notices up and in clearly marked and visible spots all are able to see.

Health & Safety Training

Another way education comes into preventing accidents or at the very least reducing their frequency, is by ensuring that all staff employed in a public area, whether it’s a shop, shopping mall, public park, school, hospital or other similar places, have the correct health and safety training.  Health and safety training should outline the potential risks and dangers they should be aware of based on past incidents and accidents. By actively being aware and on the lookout for these potential hazards, risks and dangers they will be better able to resolve problems before they cause accidents in many situations.

Take for example wet floors in a supermarket or other shopping area. Wet floors happen and obviously, it is best to address this issue as quickly as possible. However, if it has not been caused by a spillage or there is some reason why it is taking a lot longer to resolve; accidents can be involved by directing members of the public to walk around spillages. Obviously, the appropriate wet floor signs and other warning signs should be used, but it would be even better to inform staff of the issue and ensure that they warn the members of the public of areas where the floor is wet.

The same could be said for uneven or damaged flooring. These kinds of surfaces also have the potential to cause accidents with members of the public. However, if maintenance is carried out in a timely manner, accidents can be prevented. If though, you are a store owner or manager of a shopping mall for instance and are waiting for flooring to be fixed or some other hazardous situation to be resolved. You can help prevent accidents by informing staff and members of the public – so that they can be extra vigilant when manoeuvring around and close to hazards.

Members Of The Public Need to Be More Vigilant

As has been covered already a little, members of the public as well as managers, staff and owners of properties and representatives of the council, need to be vigilant. While negligence is a common cause of accidents, there are often times when the person injured in an accident is the one who is largely to blame for the accident in the first place. Public spaces are particularly dangerous because there are often hundreds of people rushing here and there. By being more aware of those around them and taking more care, lots of accidents could be avoided.

It would also be helpful if members of the public paid close attention to warning signs and didn’t try to cut corners as the signs are up and certain safety rules are in place for a very good reason. It may seem mundane that a sign for a wet floor prevents you from walking across a certain area, but if it has received any special treatment it may be slippier than normal- especially on stone floors such as marble.

Accidents will happen and even as much as we try to prevent them there will always be something that goes wrong. However, by putting greater effort into prevention rather than treating and dealing with accidents after the fact; following some of the tips outlined above, we could reduce the number of public accident compensation claims made on a yearly basis.

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