£85,000 Compensation Payout For A Fractured Pelvis – Case Study & Claims Guide to Calculating Fractured Pelvis Compensation

Fractured pelvis compensation

Fractured pelvis compensation

It’s a painful situation to suffer a pelvis fracture. But it’s maybe even harder to take when it occurs through no fault of your own via a third party’s lack of attention. This is why you could consider filing a claim for a pelvic fracture settlement. And that’s what this guide is all about. We handle key topics forming the claims process, and we outline an example £85,000 case study for a pelvis fracture. The headings below can allow you to jump to the sections of most relevance to you.

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A Guide To Calculate Fractured Pelvis Compensation

This guide covers No Win No Fee agreements, the criteria for a top-level personal injury solicitor and potential financial losses from a pelvic fracture. We also explain the injury in detail, and how its severity may influence what pelvic fracture settlement you could claim for.

Personal Injury Claims Time Limit

Anyone who wishes to file a claim must do so 3 years after suffering their injury or from the date of knowledge. There are exceptions to this. This provides plenty of time to consider taking legal action, but as time goes by you may forget vital important points and also evidence may be harder to collect so we always recommend starting a claim as soon as possible. Speak to our helpful team to discuss the 3-year window in full.

What Is A Pelvic Fracture?

The pelvis is essentially a circular region of bones sitting between the spinal column and the legs. Therefore, a fracture of the pelvis is when any of those bones suffer a break. It could occur due to a fall of some kind, as well as a potential high-speed crash (which we’ll discuss more later on). But it’s always possible that it happens innocuous, or due to a bone-weakening disease. Nevertheless, for the purpose of this guide, we are discussing preventable accidents that could cause a pelvic fracture.

Typical symptoms include the groin, hip and back pain, along with tingling or numbness and minor breathing issues due to abdominal swelling. As for the recovery time for a pelvic fracture: it would depend on how serious the break was. A minor break could heal up within weeks. For a moderate or serious fracture, though, you could be looking at many months of recovery. And for a particularly serious pelvic break, it might take a lot longer and even threaten future mobility. The latter would only be the case if there were multiple major breaks, making for the most severe situation. Learn more by giving us a call on the number that is above.

Can I Lose Financially?

There is a possibility of enduring financial losses due to a pelvic fracture. The main reason would be that, with this painful and limiting injury, you may not be able to work. That could mean a lengthy period of no income, causing major financial headaches throughout the recuperation period. Then we come to potential medical expenses and also having to use public transport, as a pelvic fracture could prevent you from driving. The added costs of these would only add to the victim’s financial woes. But each loss or expense could potentially be recouped should you eventually receive a pelvic fracture settlement. If you want to find out more about the financial impact of a fractured pelvis, please call our helpful team.

Accidents Causing Pelvic Fractures

Now, let’s discuss how you would have to prove the viability of a claim. It would be based on negligence, but there are three main criteria to meet for such a scenario. So, to begin with, a third party would owe you a duty of care in some form or fashion. However, a breach would have taken place due to the third party lacking attention or consideration. And as a result, you would have been injured, suffering the likes of a pelvic fracture. By being able to prove each of these requirements, you could then file a negligence claim for a pelvic fracture settlement.

Public liability (PL) could present a scenario where you’re injured in a public place to this extent. The Occupiers’ Liability Act 1957 states that public operators those who provide a service to the public must operate their premises in a safe way so that avoidable harm is not caused. One potential accident in a public place could be tripping over a defected pavement slab that causes you to fall hard on your pelvis, thus causing a break. If you happen to suffer multiple injuries within the incident, then a multiple injury claim becomes a potential outcome. 

Employer’s liability (EL) places a duty of care on employers to provide a workplace that is as safe as possible. A workplace accident which causes an injury through employer negligence could lead to a compensation claim. The Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974 states that employers are responsible for their employees well being while at work. One accident at work could see you fall off a ladder that is unsafe for work usage, resulting in you breaking your pelvis.

Road traffic accidents (RTAs) are the third area we are going to discuss. A major crash on the road could see you damage your pelvis badly upon impact. The same applies to a cyclist who may be knocked off their bike after a collision. If there is a breach in the duty that all road users should apply courtesy of the Highway Code then they could be liable for injuries suffered due to their negligence.

Find out more about potential pelvic fracture accident scenarios by using Live Chat, which is open 24/7.

Calculating Pelvic Fracture Compensation Estimates

When pursuing a claim for a fractured pelvis due to an incident that happened due to the negligence of a third party that owed you a duty of care you would be required to complete a medical assessment. The appointment would see you answer questions about your injury to support your case for a pelvic fracture settlement. The intention is to accurately prove that, but for the accident, you wouldn’t have fractured your pelvis.

At this stage, you would then receive a settlement calculation based on general and special damages. One, general damages, highlights the specific pain and suffering, as well as temporary loss of independence due to the injury. The other, special damages, would handle the likes of medication costs (for painkillers, primarily), as well as public transport needs and a lack of earnings. Note that if you have receipts and/or invoices to back up the various expenses, this would be very significant supporting evidence. Learn about general and special damages by having a word with our specialist team at any time.

Your Care Claim

We should also point out the importance of a care claim. This is another example of special damages focusing on aftercare, with possible elements including:

  • Extra support from any relatives or friends, valued as gracious care and based on their time;
  • Costs of hiring a nurse or a carer;
  • And the expense of using professionals for home tasks while you recuperate.

Talk to us to ask any questions that you may have when it comes to care claims.

Case Study: £85,000 Compensation For A Fractured Pelvis

Mr Rogers, 36, had been working as a geography teacher at his local sixth form college for many years. He had dedicated his entire post-school life to his career.

One morning, Mr Rogers was driving to work. All of a sudden, he heard a loud screeching noise, but he wasn’t sure what it was. While trying to concentrate on his driving, Mr Rogers checked that the noise wasn’t coming from his car. But as he looked ahead again, another vehicle slammed into the right side of his car. The screeching was from a taxi driver who had lost control at the wheel and was unable to slow down. A serious collision was the outcome.

Mr Rogers was in tremendous pain, though conscious. The pain was shooting out of his hip, abdomen and the top of his right leg. After a lengthy on-site evaluation, he was taken to his local hospital.

There, Mr Rogers was told that he had suffered a severely fractured pelvis. A fracture of the pelvic involving both ischial and pubic rami. The impact meant the high possibility of Mr Rogers suffering from degenerative issues and leg instability which would need to be regularly checked in the months and years to come. But there was one additional consequence that he wasn’t prepared for. He may have to have a hip replacement in the future.

Mr Rogers sought legal advice, where he was told that the taxi driver had breached a duty of care under the Highway Code. Therefore, he filed a claim for compensation against the taxi driver and his employers. Mr Rogers received £85,000 in the form of a pelvic fracture settlement for general damages and special damages.

Type Of Special DamagesIncludes:How Much?
Lost EarningsCosts of being unable to work £15,000
Medical CostsCosts of medication during his recovery£100
Transport CostsPublic transport requirements for hospital appointments taxis costs£500
Physiotherapy CostsCosts of physiotherapy treatment to restrengthen his pelvis£1500
Carer Costs £1500

Note: Mr Rogers’ case is a template scenario an example to show a case of personal injury. 

Compensation Estimates For Pelvic Fractures

A compensation calculator is all well and good, but is it as accurate as it could be when estimating your potential payout? We sidestep industry estimates and instead place all of your focus on your own situation. This means we’re able to build a much closer prediction for what you could claim due to the manner of your injury. That includes the severity, the impact on your life and the potential long-term ramifications. And we provide the estimate of your possible pelvic fracture settlement for no charge as a common courtesy to all claimants. Find out what your estimate could be by ringing up our team today.

No Win No Fee Settlements

When using a No Win No Fee solicitor if you receive compensation in the form of a pelvic fracture settlement, your personal injury solicitor takes a success fee. This is a nominal figure to cover their own legal costs. And it’s capped by law so that he or she cannot extract a particularly large percentage of your final payout.

However, in the event that your case doesn’t succeed, then you don’t pay your personal injury solicitors’ fees. To discuss No Win No Fee agreements in greater depth, feel free to chat with our helpful team.

Quality Personal Injury Solicitors Outside Your Area

High-level personal injury solicitors away from your hometown are accessible due to the internet, allowing you to locate quality over locality. Our panel of personal injury solicitors could help you by handling your case no matter where you are located. They have vast expertise, first-class qualifications, the utmost professionalism and the strongest desire possible to succeed.  Give us a call to chat about how we could take care of you and your case for compensation.

Talk About Your Case

In order for you to receive a pelvic fracture settlement, you could speak to Public Interest Lawyers. If we think your case has strong successful merits we will transfer you to our panel of personal jury solicitors. And they could handle your claim from that point on. To contact us today, you could use any of the following 3 methods:

We offer 24/7 communication to claimants, and you don’t have to pursue your case by virtue of you speaking to our advisors.

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