£80,000 Compensation Payout For A Serious Hand Injury – Case Study & Guide To Calculating Serious Hand Injury Settlements

Hand Injury Settlements

Serious Hand Injury Settlements

Our hands are possibly one of the most vital, and not to mention useful, parts of our body. We rely on them constantly, day in and day out, to help us complete even the most menial of tasks. Which is why if something happens to either of them, the ramifications to your everyday life could be huge.

This guide offers an example case study for an £80,000 hand injury settlements following an accident. Our panel of personal injury solicitors handles compensation claims nationwide with highly successful results. Now, we want to help you if you’ve injured your hand in an accident that wasn’t your fault. Before we begin covering the claims process requirements, though, you can get in touch with us via the three methods below:

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A Guide To Calculate Hand Injury Settlements

Whether you need to know about accident scenarios, compensation calculators, special damages or No Win No Fee, this guide will be covering all that and more. Crucially, we’re also going to explain what factors would shape the hand injury settlement you might receive. And we demonstrate this with the £80,000 example case study that you can read later in this guide. 

Before we go any further, we want to tell you about the personal injury claims time limit. That means that any hand injury claim would have to be filed within three years of you suffering your injury. If you call our advisors they can tell you about the exceptions to the time limit rule. Keep that in mind as you read this guide, though our specialist team is always available to offer further information.

What Is A Serious Hand Injury?

The hand comprises several parts so that a severe injury could include severe damage in any of those areas. The wrist, fingers, thumbs, palm make up the hand and other bones at the back of the hand. A severe hand injury could be when one of the bones within the hand breaks, causing great pain and feeling numb or providing a tingling sensation. Alternatively, perhaps the severity comes from nerve damage, which renders the hands a loss of feeling and function.

A hand injury that continues to persist would require painkillers to reduce any pain and swelling. For a minor fracture, the recovery time that allows the broken bone to heal would generally be a couple of months. But for a severe break where surgery is a requirement, it could take many months to recuperate fully. And if nerve damage is the cause, then multiple operations over an extended period may be necessary. 

Speak to us today about the severity of your hand injury, which may influence your potential hand injury settlement. You can also click here for further details about hand injuries.

Serious Hand Injury Financial Constraints

Remember that it isn’t just the physical pain that a hand injury causes which impacts your life. Indeed, the subsequent financial fallout has the potential to be just as damaging psychologically. Think of a loss of earnings, high medical costs, physiotherapy treatment and other financial constraints directly due to your injury. All of this would come out of your pocket, which would leave your bank balance struggling while you’re physically suffering. 

But these sudden costs would contribute to your potential hand injury settlement. That way, you would receive reimbursement for all of these charges to return your savings to their pre-accident levels. So speak to our friendly team if you have any queries about your hand injury’s financial toll.

Common Hand Injury Accidents

If a third party that owes you a duty of care breaches that, with the consequence being an accident and the outcome being you suffering a serious hand injury, this would be an example of negligence. And that would provide the foundation for you to make a compensation claim. We’re covering the three scenarios which would apply to the circumstances surrounding your hand injury.

  • Employers’ liability (EL). The Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974 applies the duty of care for employers. An example could be slipping on a slippery surface in a warehouse that had not been correctly signposted. A broken hand at work claim then becomes a possibility towards a potential work injury payment.
  • Public liability (PL). The Occupiers’ Liability Act 1957 notes the duty of care for bodies operating public areas. If your hand is injured in a public place, perhaps due to low equipment maintenance, it could allow you to make a public liability claim. In that instance, public liability insurance may influence the process.
  • Road traffic accidents (RTAs). The Highway Code has its duty of care for drivers and vulnerable road users, including cyclists and pedestrians, to follow. So, a breach, in this case, could be the consequences of a crash or a collision. A broken hand might be one of multiple injuries. For that situation, you might decide that filing a multiple injury claim is the best course of action.

Use our contact form to describe the nature of your accident. We’re then able to appropriately advise you on how to claim for a hand injury settlement.

What Is A Care Claim?

A potential consequence of suffering a hand injury is when you’re unable to complete even the most basic tasks. If that’s the case for you, then you could be eligible to make a care claim. This focuses on the extra assistance you receive as a direct result of you injuring your hand, and it could include:

  • Gracious care from relatives and friends;
  • Professional nursing at your own home;
  • And commercial home care, such as gardening, cleaning and dog-walking.

A care claim could increase your hand injury settlement, and with good reason. After all, any additional care expenses due to you breaking your hand would definitely have an impact. The care claim is not a separate claim but part of the special damages you are eligible to claim for in a successful claim. Drop us a line via our 24/7 Live Chat to ask us about your care claim. 

Calculating Hand Injury Settlements Estimates

An independent medical assessment would be a vital stage of the entire claims process. Why’s that? Well, by undergoing this evaluation, both you and we would know the true extent of your hand injury. This, along with recovery time, potential surgery and the long-term repercussions on your ability to live your life, are crucial. They could all determine your hand injury settlement after the likes of a public accident claim or public injury claim. And that provides the base for your compensation value.

General Damages

Now, a compensation settlement would take up two forms. The first of these is general damages. They account for the pain and the exact impact on your life due to your injury. So, general damages apply to the physical and mental toll that you are suffering.

Special Damages

The other part of your compensation settlement would be special damages. This is where receipts and invoices become significant because they could clarify the elements that would comprise your special damages. That’s because you would be focusing on expenses, some of which may be very high indeed. We’re talking about:

  • Loss of earnings, both now and in the long run;
  • The costs of any surgery and painkillers;
  • Expenses that you would incur from regular hospital visits;
  • And the professional rehabilitation methods, such as physiotherapy.

Call us using the number above to discuss what you could include for general and special damages in your case.

Case Study: £80,000 In Hand Injury Settlements

Mr Jones works in a car manufacturing plant. He had been on the job for around three months when tragedy struck. He had adapted well to his role until this point, though he was still unfamiliar with some operations. That would prove to have life-changing consequences on one particular evening.

The line manager asked Mr Jones to start using a new machine. However, he was only given basic instructions, which included minimal health and safety warnings. Therefore, when he thought he had switched the machine on, it seemed to be off still. And so when Mr Jones tried to check what was up with the machine, it suddenly powered up. In doing so, his left arm became caught in the machine. He tried to pull it out but to no avail.

Mr Jones shouted for help, and another colleague rushed over to turn the machine off. After a few seconds, the power was down on the equipment, but Mr Jones’ hand remained stuck and in great pain. The colleague finally helped him remove his hand, but it was both badly cut and broken. His full hand had been crushed. 

After consulting the on-site medical team, Mr Jones went straight to the hospital. The accident at work had already been frightening, but worse news was to come. After an examination, his doctor explained that some fingers were severely damaged and partial amputation would be needed. 

This was terrible news, but the doctor explained that it was the only option. Mr Jones underwent the operation, which was a complete success. He was told to recuperate at home, though with him living alone, this presented further challenges.

Mr Jones began paying for a nurse to look after him, including after his initial recovery. He was also advised to start physiotherapy after the first two weeks, which would continue for several months to restrengthen his hand. His rehabilitation included him having to learn how to adapt his left hand. He needed months of physiotherapy. 

Mr Jones was reassigned to a new role within his organisation, due to the deformity in his hand and impaired grip. He was distraught at the series of events. What’s more, he felt that his employers had shown extreme negligence by leaving him alone to use such dangerous machinery with minimal training. Meanwhile, he wondered how this would affect the rest of his career and his life, leaving him with depression. 

The Result

After seeking legal advice, Mr Jones learned that he could claim negligence for a breach of duty under the terms of the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974. Therefore, he filed a compensation claim against his employers. They initially tried to battle the case, but CCTV footage and eyewitness accounts meant that they had to concede and agree on a settlement. Mr Jones received £80,000 as an out-of-court compensation payout. This included general damages and special damages.

Type Of Special DamagesIncludes:How Much?
Lost EarningsCosts of lost earnings due to the injury 12 months away from work. £35,500
PhysiotherapyProfessional rehabilitation costs to rebuild the strength in his hand£2000
Professional Nursing CareProfessional nursing care costs during & immediately after his recovery£2500
Public TransportExpenses from using public transport for frequent hospital visits£500
Other CostsAdded costs for the impact on the sufferer's life£500
Cleaner and Gardener £2000
Cancelled holiday to see his daughter in Australia £3000

The case of Mr Jones is purely an example. It is based on our past experiences of handling and valuing claims and serves to illustrate how accidents can happen and how they are valued.

Serious Hand Injury Compensation Estimates

It’s reasonable to wonder “How much compensation would I get for my hand injury?” To garner that information requires us to analyse your injury and your personal circumstances thoroughly. A hand injury would affect different victims in different ways, depending on its severity. It could be a minor annoyance; for others, it may very well be life-changing. And that’s why we eschew “one figure for all” online personal injury claims calculators. 

General estimates are of no use; what you need are accuracy and clarity. And as a result, you could have more assurance about what your hand injury settlement might be. Chat with our specialist team about how we would calculate an estimate for your personal injury claim.

No Win No Fee Definition

By working with a No Win No Fee personal injury solicitor from our panel, you would only pay a success fee (which is capped by law) to cover their legal costs if your case wins. Therefore, you would not have to pay legal fees up-front or during the case to your personal injury solicitor, and you wouldn’t pay anything at all to your solicitor if you don’t receive compensation. 

Think of the positive impact this would have on your stress levels and your bank balance as your claim progresses. We’re always happy to answer your questions about No Win No Fee via our Live Chat service.

Top Personal Injury Solicitors Near You

When researching a personal injury lawyer, there are several questions you might ask. What is their track record for successfully battling for hand injury settlements? How much compensation did previous claimants receive? How long have they been operating for? Are there enough positive reviews available online? And do they have any specialities for covering hand injuries? 

Our panel of No Win No Fee solicitors offer a nationwide service meaning they can handle your case no matter where you are based in the country. Contact our friendly team now if you want to win your case with minimal fuss and maximum results.

Call Our Team

Our advisors can answer your questions about a hand injury settlement. Remember that our advisors are accessible 24/7 with no obligation to proceed with your case. You have three options to contact our specialist team:

  • Firstly, you could call 0800 408 7825;
  • Secondly, you may prefer using our Live Chat at the bottom of the page;
  • And finally, you might wish to complete our online form.

Even after you contact us, remember that there would be no obligation to go any further with your case.

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