£51,000 Compensation Payout For A Fractured Coccyx/Tailbone – Case Study & Claims Guide to Calculating Fractured Coccyx/Tailbone Compensation

This article explains what you can do if you were injured during an accident in the workplace, on the roads, or in a public place because of others’ negligence. Specifically, we look at a broken tailbone settlement in this article. In this guide, we examine duty of care. We also explain how to value a claim properly and collect medical and financial evidence. We provide you with an understanding of the two types of damages (compensation) available in personal injury claims. 

Fractured/Broken Coxxyx/Tailbone compensation

Fractured Coccyx/Tailbone compensation

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A Guide To Calculation Compensation For A Fractured Tailbone

Throughout this article, we provide links to other websites that could help when launching a personal injury claim for a broken tailbone settlement. We look at three main areas where an injury like this could happen:

  • Accidents that happen at work.
  • Accidents that happen in public places.
  • Road traffic accidents (RTAs).

Before seeking compensation payouts for a broken tailbone or coccyx, three essential questions that you need to ask yourself are:

  • Did anyone have a legal duty of care for my safety where I had my accident?
  • How did they breach that duty?
  • Did it result in causing me injury?

It’s important to note that you cannot claim for just having an accident. But, if you suffered injuries from that accident and can prove that those responsible for your well being breached their duty of care, you could be eligible to start your claim against the liable party.

Our example case study demonstrates how this can be proved and valued with the right medical evidence and accurate records. You could be potentially rewarded with two types of damages (compensation). At the end of this article, we show you the different avenues through which you could contact personal injury lawyers if you would like them to handle your case and make a broken tailbone settlement.

Fractured Coccyx/Tailbone Injuries

The tailbone or coccyx is a small bone at the base of our spine and is believed to be the vestige of our mammalian tails. Positioned where it is, it can be easily injured during a bad fall or after prolonged strain. If fractured, it can seriously affect walking and standing.

When establishing who was responsible for your accident that led to your injury, how their negligence created a hazard, and how you were injured because of it, we can refer to the legislation and rules that aim to protect you.

Duty of Care and Your Broken Tailbone Settlement

The Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974 obliges all employers to protect their employees’ safety as much as practically possible. They could do this by providing training, information, and site maintenance to create the safest possible environment for their employees. Strict penalties are enforceable to employers who breach these laws, and if your accident happened at work, it may need to be reported to the HSE

The Occupiers’ Liability Act 1957 is a similar law in that it attempts to ensure that anywhere accessible to the public is as safe as possible and that all private companies and local authorities adhere to this. Controllers of land, property and premises (places you visit during a typical day) are under this duty of care. If you’re unsure about who is legally responsible for protecting your health and safety after an accident in public, speak to our team. We can help.

The Highway Code is a set of guidelines that asks all road users to show a duty of care to each other, regardless of experience. This guide also asks motorists to anticipate that some drivers will not demonstrate the standard level of diligence and respect.

These laws and rules seek to create a safe environment in different areas of daily activity. If you were avoidably injured in a preventable accident in any of these places, speak to our team today. We could help you claim your broken tailbone settlement.

Let’s Talk Financial Issues

If you have suffered injuries to your tailbone, there’s a strong possibility that everyday life would be altered while you recover. You may not be able to work or look after your children. If the injuries impact your finances and you struggle to cope, you could find money worries adding to your predicament.

A No Win No Fee lawyer can help you recover your financial loss. Special damages are ahead of claim aimed at compensating you for anything you can prove you’ve lost out on financially due to your injuries. If you decide to use a personal injury lawyer they will be able to take your situation and examine which aspects will need to be claimed for using special damages to enhance your compensation claim. Our example case study, found later in the guide, aims to demonstrate this.

Accidents Leading To A Fractured Coccyx

During 2019/20, a staggering 693,000 accidents were reported in the workplace and road traffic accident statistics were also significant.  When it comes to the causes of a fractured tailbone, it’s not difficult to imagine potential scenarios where an accident could happen. Some include:

  • Slipping on unattended spillages or wet floors.
  • Tripping on broken pavements or unmarked steps.
  • Poorly lit areas where there are fall hazards.
  • Falling from a height.
  • Impact with a heavy object, for example in a road traffic accident.
  • Being the victim of crime.
  • Using faulty seating or equipment.
  • Public transport accidents.

The list could include any other situation that causes you to impact the lowest point of your back. However you sustained your injuries, the principle of duty of care remains the same. If it was not your fault and happened due to negligence of those who are responsible for protecting you, your claim could potentially result in a broken tailbone settlement.

Further Care Claims

Coccyx bone fractures can be incredibly painful, and recovery can take months. A prolonged period of injury can create numerous problems and make coping with daily life demands seem overwhelming. You might need help.

Help from family and friends can be reimbursed and included as part of your damages if you can prove the time they spent caring for you. If they’re unable to help you wash, clean, shop, and cook as you recover, it may be necessary to pay for professional care.

The costs of this care can be expensive. The NHS estimates paid care can cost between £650 and £1,600 per week depending on need. For some people, the cost of care can erode savings or create personal debt.

A No Win No Fee lawyer should be able to advise you on collecting and carefully recording the financial losses that you have incurred as a result of your injuries. This evidence can be used to recover the costs, but you may lose out on compensation without them.

Our Specialist Broken Tailbone Settlement Calculations

A medical assessment is an essential part of a personal injury claim. It is also an excellent opportunity for you to have a doctor confirm that your injuries were sustained because of the accident. This can be crucial evidence and can support your case. It can help support your argument that someone could be liable for your injuries. With this evidence and other factors, you can value two heads of compensation that might be owed to you.

General damages compensate you for your pain and suffering. The Judicial College Guidelines (a publication solicitors sometimes use to value injuries) cover a vast range of physical and mental injury. In the case of severely fractured vertebrae bodies that cause continued pain, impaired agility, and heightened risk of arthritis, the guidelines recommend an amount of £36,390 to £65,440.

Special damages take into account the financial loss you’ve suffered due to your injuries. They seek to restore your finances. They can include such expenses as:

  • Loss of earnings.
  • Loss of work opportunities.
  • Travel costs to and from the hospital.
  • Carer costs.
  • Unique modifications to your home.
  • Pain management and counselling services.
  • Missed special occasions or loss of deposits.
  • Aids for your mobility.

A skilled No Win No Fee solicitor can listen to you and explain the potential avenues to compensation that you could benefit from. There may be many costs that you have simply assumed were yours to bear. But, with proper legal advice, you may be surprised by your potential broken tailbone settlement.

Case Study: £51,000 Compensation For A Fractured Tailbone

Miss Burton’s accident happened due to a breach of health and safety protocols. One afternoon, walking through the shopping mall, she slipped on an unattended wet patch and landed in a sitting position. Straight away she felt pain and the bottom of her back. 

She was taken to hospital in an ambulance. Suddenly her temperature shot up, and she was suffering waves of nausea and faintness. She now found that she could not walk one step in front of the other without unbearable pain. 

X-rays and an examination revealed that she had landed on her coccyx and fractured it. She was looking at a lengthy recovery, and everything else in her life was suddenly put on hold. 

After weeks of pain that wouldn’t subside with her medication, she was offered physiotherapy appointments and stronger painkillers. The physiotherapy Miss Burton received didn’t seem to be helping and became anxiety-inducing. She also bought coccygeal cushions to support her when she sat. At night, she could barely sleep due to the pain. Her mental health deteriorated and her daughter encouraged her to start counselling sessions. Much of the daily chores were undertaking by a carer. And it was sometime before she could return to work. 

Reaching a Broken Tailbone Settlement

After the shock had subsided, Miss Burton felt angry. She kept running the accident through her mind and came back to the same question each time. Why was that water left on the floor? A seemingly simple thing had turned her life upside-down, and she decided to speak to a No Win No Fee lawyer to help with the issue.

After a short case, the shopping arcade reviewed CCTV footage and confirmed the spillage should have been cleaned away or marked off. They admitted liability and, through special and general damages, her solicitor secured a £51,000 broken tailbone settlement in her favour. The breakdown was as below:

General damagesSpecial damages
Miss. Burton was awarded £35,000 for a shattered coccyx/tailbone
because of the wet surface she slipped on.
Her loss of earnings for 3 months as she regained her
ability to walk: £7,500
Special 60th birthday holiday deposit lost: £1,000
Family and professional carer costs for 3 months: £1,950
Travel costs to hospital and specialist appointments:£440
Missed attendance bonus at work: £1,500
Gardener for 3 months: £450
3 coccyx pain cushions: £60
Private physiotherapy and counselling: £3,100

This case is purely an example, not based on an actual case, but past experiences. It illustrates what a skilled No Win No Fee lawyer can do to correctly value your claim. Speak to our team today to see how we might be able to help you.

Settlement Estimates For Negligence Victims

Many companies provide online settlement figures using personal injury compensation calculators. While they can be helpful and may offer a quick calculation, they can under or over-value the amount due to you. When you speak to a No Win No Fee Lawyer, you give yourself the opportunity to have a professional estimate your claim. Like our advisors, they can take into account the nuances of your individual case and provide a figure tailored to it.

Each case is different, but if you feel that you suffered injuries due to a breach of the duty of care in the workplace, in public, or because of another road user, speak to our team to explore your options.

No Win No Fee Contracts For Your Broken Tailbone Settlement

You may have heard the term No Win No Fee solicitor or Conditional Fee Agreement but are unsure as to what it means or how this service might be able to help you. There are numerous benefits to using a personal injury solicitor on a No Win No Fee basis. For many people, it represents a chance to access legal representation affordably. Other benefits include:

  • Having no fees to pay your solicitor upfront.
  • Having no fees to pay your solicitor while your case is ongoing.
  • Not having to pay solicitor fees if your case doesn’t win.
  • Only paying a small fee to pay your solicitor if your case wins. (It’s capped by law.)
  • Not having to pay this fee until you’ve received your compensation.

You could also access expert legal advice and support throughout your case. If you are apprehensive about the costs of hiring a personal injury solicitor, a No Win No Fee agreement could support you. Their advice could help you win a substantial broken tailbone settlement.

Where Are Top Personal Injury Lawyers

If you decide to proceed with a negligence case, you may be wondering what to do next. Internet searches can generate a mass of results for No Win No Fee lawyers. Whilst reading reviews can help, the choice of which firm to use could be overwhelming. Calling law firms up to narrow down your search for top personal injury lawyers can help. 

We can help. Our panel of solicitors can handle cases no matter where you are in the country, and when you contact our team, we can put you in touch with the solicitor suited to you. It’s no longer necessary for solicitors to be local to you. 

Call Us To Learn More

Reaching out is easy. You can:

Most lawyers will not accept a No Win No Fee case unless there’s a formidable chance of success. So, to find out if you could claim, there’s nothing to lose by calling us for a no-obligation chat. We hope you’ve found this article helpful. We look forward to helping you further.

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