£30,000 Compensation Payout For Amputated Index Finger – Case Study & Guide To Calculating Amputated Index Finger Compensation

Amputated finger compensation

Amputated finger compensation

If you suffer a severe injury to your index finger, it could possibly lead to an amputation. And if this happens, because there was a breach in the duty of care owed to you on the roads, in a public place or at work you may be looking for some legal advice about whether you have the grounds to pursue a claim. 

But how can you make an amputated index finger claim, and would it succeed? Well, this guide provides an example case study for a £30,000 payout on an amputated index finger injury. We’ll also be covering amputations in general, along with care claims, special damages, compensation calculations and No Win No Fee.

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  6. We Can Value Index Finger Amputation Settlements
  7. Case Study: £30,000 Payout Amputated Index Finger (Non-Dominant Hand)
  8. Index Finger Amputation Compensation Estimates
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A Guide To Amputated Index Finger Compensation Claims

If you end up having an amputation to your index finger on your non-dominant hand, it may be due to an accident. This could allow you to make a negligence claim if a third party causes the injury. However, the person or organisation you hold responsible for your injury must have had a duty of care towards you. This guide explains the criteria for making a negligence amputated index finger claim, and also:

  • A breakdown of an index finger amputation
  • Financial losses from an amputated index finger injury
  • Care claims
  • General and special damages
  • A case study of a £30,000 compensation payout
  • Compensation calculators
  • No Win No Fee

Now, when claiming for any injuries such as an amputated index finger, there is a personal injury claims time limit. This means that you would have 3 years to claim from when you first injured your finger or from the date of knowledge. As for a child (someone aged under 18) or a victim who lacks the mental capacity to claim a close relative or another appointed representative could be their litigation friend to process the amputated index finger claim on their behalf. Once the child turns 18 or the victim becomes able to represent themselves, if no claim has been previously made though, the 3-year clock would begin at that point.

Find out more by chatting with our specialist team anytime.

What Is An Index Finger Amputation?

An amputation occurs when a part of the body has to be surgically removed or is removed through an accident in this case, the index finger. Reasons for an amputation may include a severe limb infection, gangrene (a condition causing body tissue to die due to limited blood supply), serious trauma to the area, or a limb deformity. 

But perhaps an accident has directly caused or triggered the events causing the index finger amputation on your non-dominant hand. 

Now, to make a negligence amputated index finger claim, you must meet the following 3 criteria:

  • A third party owed you a duty of care
  • But a breach of that duty of care occurred
  • And caused you to suffer an injury such as an amputated index finger.

Three typical scenarios could lead to an amputated index finger claim relating to your non-dominant hand. The first is employer’s liability (EL). According to the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974, employers should go as far as reasonably possible to uphold their employees’ health, safety and wellbeing. 

But a dangerous machine at work could damage your index finger to the point that an amputation is required. If the injury happened due to your employer’s negligence this could mean an amputated index finger at work claim.  

The second is public liability (PL).  The Occupiers Liability Act 1957 states a duty of care designed to prevent accidents and injuries in public places. If an injury occurs in public parks, playparks, bars and restaurants through negligence this may be the backdrop for an accident resulting in your index finger being amputated. Public liability insurance could impact any public liability claim for your non-dominant index finger amputation.

And the third is a road traffic accident (RTA). The Highway Code notes that all users of the road should provide a duty of care to one another and vulnerable road users such as pedestrians and cyclists. So, a collision or a crash resulting in your index finger being amputated could suggest a duty of care breach if a third party is liable for the accident. It’s also possible that your amputated index finger on your non-dominant hand is only one of multiple injuries. 

If you wish to file a multiple injury claim, or indeed any claim, you can talk with our knowledgeable team. They could connect you with personal injury solicitors to handle your amputated index finger claim. 

Can An Amputated Index Finger Cause Financial Loss?

An amputated index finger on your non-dominant hand could certainly cause financial losses. Think about the obvious medical bills, as well as professional nursing costs and physiotherapy. Then we have potential lost earnings during your recovery time. And then consider increased public transport usage, since driving may be severely affected by your injury. Give us a call today to discuss financial losses that could form your claim for an amputated index finger.

Common Amputation Accidents

Amputation accidents could occur in a variety of ways. Workplace accidents involving large, dangerous machinery could damage your index finger to the point of requiring amputation. Back in 2019/20, there were 693,000 instances of an injury at work. 

Meanwhile, a basic slip or trip in a public place could damage a finger enough to instigate an infection that eventually results in an amputation. Any accident in a public place could range greatly in severity. If the occupier of a public space fails to adhere to health and safety legislation they may be liable for any injury that happened due to this failure. 

And a car accident may damage you to the point that your index finger is amputated. In 2016, almost 180,000 drivers suffered injuries, while 99 cyclists died in in2018. 

Care Claims For Amputees

An amputation is a severe injury. Therefore, it’s probable that you would require professional care to handle your recovery. If you need care while recovering this could form part of the special damages claim in which you recuperate back any expenses you have incurred because of your injury. This could potentially include:

  • Extra support from family members and friends
  • Professional nursing services
  • General services like cleaning and gardening

Now, to find out more about care claims, use our 24/7 Live Chat.

We Can Value Index Finger Amputation Settlements

In order to have an accurate estimate of your potential damages, you would need to undergo an independent medical evaluation as part of the claims process. A full medical check diagnoses the full extent of the injury on your non-dominant hand, and it details your expected recovery period.  

More so, it could prove that, only for the accident, you wouldn’t have suffered an amputated index finger. Your No Win No Fee solicitor could then value your potential index finger amputation settlement. It would be broken down into general damages and special damages.

General Damages

General damages would be covering the pain, suffering and loss of amenity resulting from your index finger amputation. They would primarily spotlight your physical and mental challenges.

Special Damages

Meanwhile, special damages would handle the financial impact of the amputated index finger on your non-dominant hand. Special damages focus on lost earnings, medical costs, public transport expenses and physiotherapy. Why not call us using the number at the top of the page to discuss general damages and special damages.

Case Study: £30,000 Payout Amputated Index Finger (Non-Dominant Hand)

Mr Vaughn, 36, works as a librarian in Stockport. He lives with his partner, and they have a pet dog named Jack. Away from work, he has a stamp collection, and he also enjoys cycling.

One afternoon at work, Mr Vaughn was asked to move equipment ahead of a renovation of the library by his manager. This included him assisting a colleague with moving a heavy bookshelf. He was unaware, however, of a sharp piece of metal sticking out of the bottom corner. As he tried to lift it, the metal stuck into his left index finger. Mr Vaughn immediately began bleeding heavily from his finger, and he called for help. Mr Vaughn noticed that his finger was hanging off. 

He was told that the cut was deep enough that there had been nerve damage rendering the finger unusable. To Mr Vaughn’s horror, he was told that his left index finger would have to be amputated.

The operation was a success, though Mr Vaughn had to spend around a week in the hospital to recover due to complications. He was then told to rest at home until he was fully recovered as the doctors did not want to risk him getting an infection in the wound area.

Mr Vaughn was left distraught over the situation. Through a routine task at work, he had lost a finger. He needed help around the house until he got used to doing the chores again, walking the dog and fulfilling gardening duties. Mr Vaughn needed quite a bit of rehabilitation as he found it very difficult to get used having a finger missing. 

After seeking legal advice, Mr Vaughn filed a compensation claim against his employers. Firstly he had never received manual handling training so should have not been asked to lift the bookshelf in the beginning and secondly, the defected bookshelf had been reported to management before but had been ignored. He received £30,000 as an out-of-court settlement from the library’s insurance company. This included £17,000 in general damages and £13,000 in special damages.

Type Of Special DamagesIncludes:How Much?
Current LossLost earnings from being unable to work£7,000
Physiotherapy - Prescription ChargesProfessional rehabilitation costs to assist with his recovery£2,000
Professional CareProfessional nursing care costs£1,500
Additional CostsAdded costs relating to the impact on the sufferer's life - Gardening - Dog walker - Professional house cleaner£2,500

The case of Mr Vaughn is purely an example. It is based on our past experiences of handling and valuing claims and serves to illustrate how accidents can happen and how they are valued.

Index Finger Amputation Compensation Estimates

Our specialists could provide the most accurate compensation estimates for your amputated index finger claim. That’s because we aim to find out as much as we can about your circumstances. After all, every injury is different, and the impact of a non-dominant hand injury on every victim is different too. 

This is in contrast to online personal injury claims calculators which only offer general figures, whereas we give you the most specific totals possible. 

Speak to us anytime to find out more about compensation estimates for your index finger amputation.

No Win No Fee And Conditional Fee Agreements

No Win No Fee has always proven popular with claimants. There are numerous benefits from No Win No Fee for your amputated index finger claim, and they include:

  • No legal fees would be required up-front
  • Nor would any legal fees be required during the case
  • And your personal injury solicitor would only take a nominal, legally capped amount (called a success fee) if you receive compensation.

What does that mean? Well, if your case is unsuccessful, you don’t have to pay anything to your solicitor. You can learn more about No Win No Fee by using our Live Chat.

Are Top Personal Injury Lawyers Close To Me?

The internet has opened up the way to find the best services possible even if they are not close to you. Lawyers can provide a service no matter where you are based and where they are located.

Our panel of No Win No Fee personal injury solicitors provide a nationwide service which means that they can handle your case no matter where in the country you are located.

So call our advisors today using the number above to speak about your amputated index finger claim.

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