£11,200 Compensation Payout For PTSD Caused By Assault (CICA) – Case Study & Claims Guide to Calculating PTSD Caused By Assault (CICA) Compensation

By Max Morris. Last Updated 20th June 2022. An assault could change a victim’s life very suddenly and very significantly. Even if the sufferer makes a full recovery from physical injuries, they could still suffer psychological pain. This is where Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) takes hold as the secondary consequence of the assault. If you are injured through a violent crime there are different avenues to claiming PTSD compensation payouts. In this article, we concentrate on claims made through the Criminal Injury Injuries Compensation Authority CICA. However, depending on individual circumstances those injured through violent crime may be able to pursue a civil claim for compensation against the defendant.  

PTSD caused by assault compensation

PTSD caused by assault compensation

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  3. Financial Issues From Assaults
  4. How PTSD Can Result From Assault
  5. Compensation Settlement Value From A Solicitor
  6. Care Claims And CICA
  7. Claiming PTSD through the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority
  8. Case Study: £11,000 Compensation For PTSD Caused By Assault
  9. Compensation Calculation Estimates Are Free
  10. No Win No Fee
  11. Look For Quality Personal Injury Lawyers Specialising In PTSD Compensation Payouts
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  13. Further Reads On PTSD Compensation Payouts

A Guide To Calculate Compensation For PTSD Caused By Assault

This online guide is looking at claiming for assault that causes PTSD. There are two ways such a claim could be made. The first being that the claimant could try to claim against the defendant to be compensated for their suffering. However, with these cases sometimes the defendant is not identified or there is not enough evidence to prosecute them. Also, it may be that even if the defendant is prosecuted they may not have the means to pay the compensation that is owed. For these circumstances, the Government has an executive agency that can deal with these matters. The Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority can provide compensation to victims of violent crime when there is no other option. This guide covers the following subjects:

  • Assaults & resultant PTSD;
  • Special and general damages;
  • Adding a care claim;
  • Compensation calculators;
  • Working with a No Win No Fee solicitor.

Personal Injury Claims Time Limit

By English law, you would have three years to claim from when you were injured or from the date of knowledge when it comes to a personal injury claim. There are exceptions to this time limit. However more importantly for this article is the fact that we are talking about claims through the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority and for that reason most claims have 2 years. The time limit may somewhat be looked at when it comes to historical abuse. Speak to our specialist team to learn more.

What Is Assault?

Assault is whenever someone hurts another person with the deliberate intention of causing harm. Accidental strikes wouldn’t be deemed assault if the instigator didn’t intend to cause pain or suffering. But a victim being unknowingly targeted by someone they may not even be aware of would be an assault. Assault, assault and battery and aggravated assault are forms that would result in punishment within a court of law.

This could take any form from a general strike from a hand, head or foot to a more impactful blow via a car or a weapon. And the victim may never be truly aware as to who carried out the assault. What’s more, the physical impact could be felt for several days, weeks, months or even years. 

The damage could potentially be permanent in severe cases. If they happen to suffer PTSD in the aftermath, as well as the injuries, they could most likely claim a PTSD compensation payout. Call our helpful team to find out everything you need to know in this regard.

Financial Issues From Assaults

There could be numerous financial complications due to an assault. Chief of those would be the time off work during the recovery period, especially for a severe attack that results in broken bones. But time off work could also arise from the resultant PTSD, requiring counselling or similar professional treatment.  

On that note, one-to-one sessions to assist with trauma would also add to the costs. You may also need help around the home. This could be in the form of a carer. Or you may need help with cleaning, cooking and gardening. All of these could, therefore create high expenses and losses. When making a claim through the CICA it is different to making a personal injury claim. Rather than claim for special damages as with a personal injury claim you would claim special expenses payments. 

How PTSD Can Result From Assault

If a person is a victim of a violent crime they may go on to suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. PTSD is an anxiety disorder. It could be caused by one major traumatic event or a number of small ones. The disorder can completely alter a person’s life. There are minor forms of it that a person may recover from completely and there are severely disabling forms of it where the person may never recover. It affects a person’s mental state. The person may experience nightmares, flashbacks and persistent images.

Compensation Settlement Value From A Solicitor

If you choose to claim,  a medical assessment would be carried out as an important requirement in the process of making a claim. Following the assessment, the independent medical professional would create a report that includes a prognosis. This could establish the link between the original assault and your present-day physical/psychological state.

The assessment would also cover Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, thus determining how much you have been affected mentally by the attack. On top of that, your potential treatment options and recovery periods could be entered into the report.

This information would be used to calculate your potential PTSD compensation payouts. Now, the value potentially divides into both general damages and special expenses. General damages compensate you for actual pain and suffering and any psychological impact the injuries had on your life.

And, special expenses compensate you for loss of income, medical expenses, the prices of such services as counselling and other costs incurred due to your injuries. Having receipts and invoices to prove your losses would be highly recommended. If you’d like to ask any questions, please speak to our friendly team at any point.

PTSD Compensation Payouts for 2022

You may want more information about the amount of compensation for assault or PTSD compensation you could receive. If you’re claiming through the CICA, the compensation would be assessed using their tariff. This is detailed in The Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme.

As part of the claims process, your injury will be assessed by a medical professional. If you suffer multiple injuries because of the assault, you can claim compensation for up to three injuries. When this is the case, you would receive 100% compensation for the primary injury, 30% compensation for the second highest-value injury and 15% for the third-highest value.

You can use the table below for more information about potential assault compensation payouts.

Type of InjurySeverityCompensation Amount
Penile penetration that is non-consensual of either mouth, anus or vaginaThat results in mental illness that is severe in nature. £27,000
Penile penetration that is non-consensual of either mouth, anus or vaginaIncidents that are repeated for more than 3 years. £22,000
Penile penetration that is non-consensual of either mouth, anus or vaginaOne incident that involves at least two attackers. £13,500
Sexual assaultAt least one of oral genital act(s) or non-penile penetrative acts where it has created severe mental illness. £27,000
Sexual assaultAt least one of oral genital act(s) or non-penile penetrative acts where there have been internal bodily injuries that are serious in nature. £22,000
Physical abuse to children (inc. domestic abuse)Severe – Pattern of violence that is repetitive in nature causing multiple injuries that are moderate in nature. £5,500
Physical abuse to adults (inc. domestic abuse)Severe – Violence that is repetitive leading to minor disfigurement. £5,500
Physical abuse to adults (inc. domestic abuse)Serious – Physical assaults that are intermittent resulting in scalds, burns or healed wounds. £2,000

If you would like more information about claiming through the CICA, please contact our advisors for legal advice that is completely free. They can inform of your eligibility and connect you with an experienced solicitor from our panel who could help build your case.

Care Claims And CICA

One other crucial aspect of special damages would be a care claim. This relates to any aftercare you receive for both the physical and psychological trauma that you endure. And it would potentially include:

  • Gracious care from your relatives and also your friends;
  • Hiring a nurse, carer or counsellor to look after you;
  • Or hiring professionals to handle cleaning and gardening amongst other home chores.

Use our 24/7 Live Chat if you want additional guidance when it comes to care claims.

Top Tips on Claiming Compensation for PTSD

To receive a CICA payout for PTSD, certain criteria needs to be met. As previously mentioned, this includes reporting the incident to the police and ensuring that you start your claim within two years (though, there are exceptions to this.) The CICA need a police crime reference number to process the claim which is why it needs to be reported. 

Other tips regarding claiming PTSD compensation include providing:

  • Medical reports. After the incident, you should go to a doctor or other medical professional to ascertain the seriousness of your injuries. Their report can help outline the nature of your condition. 
  • Notes from a therapist if you are seeing one. They can help validate the change in your mental state. 
  • CCTV footage of the incident. For example, if your assault happened in a shopping centre or outside a supermarket, you could request their CCTV footage in certain instances. This can help show the series of events that led up to the assault.  
  • Witness details. We understand that you may be completely unaware if anyone witnessed the crime. In many cases, the police will attempt to locate potential witnesses as part of their own investigation. However, if a friend or loved one was present at the time of the assault, their statement could help strengthen your case. 

To learn more about whether you could receive PTSD compensation, please contact us for free legal advice using the details above. 

Case Study: £11,200 Compensation For PTSD Caused By Assault

The following case study contains descriptions of physical assault and post-traumatic stress disorder. It could be triggering. You can skip this study or call our team to find further advice on claiming.

Mr Wilmslow, 32, worked as a school teacher. He had thus far enjoyed a very successful career, and he truly loved his job. But all that would change after an unprovoked and unexpected assault.

One afternoon, while Mr Wilmslow was walking home along a deserted canal path, he was confronted. The person asked Mr Wilmslow for his wallet, which he didn’t have. Not believing him, the person punched him repeatedly in the face, causing Mr Wilmslow to fall to the ground. Mr Wilmslow was knocked unconscious when the attacker started to kick him in the head. When they searched his pocket they realised Mr Wilmslow had been telling the truth.

Two members of the public witnessed the attack, chased the attacker, and managed to restrain him. The attacker was arrested shortly after.

Mr Wilmslow suffered a concussion to the head. He went to the hospital to get it checked out. He was kept in hospital for 24 hours.

The impact of the incident left Mr Wilmslow extremely shaken up, and he found himself often thinking about how much worse it could have been had the attacker been carrying a weapon. The continuous reflection and dwelling were symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). The impact was so great that Mr Wilmslow would require another 12 months off work because he feared returning to the area in which he was assaulted. He was on full pay as he worked for a school so he did not lose out on any earnings.

Mr Wilmslow would receive counselling sessions to treat the psychological damage caused by the incident.

The Settlement

After consulting with a personal injury lawyer, Mr Wilmslow learned that he may be able to make a compensation claim through the CICA. After investigation, Mr Wilmslow was awarded £11,200 in compensation which included awards for the concussion and also the PTSD.

Type Of DamagesHow Much? CICA Tariffs 2012
Concussion Minor Head Injury lasting 28 days £1,500
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) 2 years or more up to 5 years£6,200
Fractured skull £3,500

We must point out that this story involving Mr Wilmslow is not based on real-life events but serves as a potential scenario specifically for this guide.

Compensation Calculation Estimates Are Free

Please note that when making a claim through the CICA the awards differ slightly from when making a personal injury claim. The awards will be based on the compensation tariffs rather than the Judicial College Guidelines. We provide a compensation calculation estimate for absolutely free. This is so that you know what you could expect from a PTSD compensation payout (if your case wins). Crucially, though, the figure would be as accurate as possible with the basis being your particular injury circumstances. And this applies to both the physical injuries from the original assault and your resultant Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. 

Rest assured that we’ll provide a unique and accurate calculation rather than guesswork from an online personal injury claims calculator. Drop us a line if you have any questions to ask us about this element of the claims process.

No Win No Fee

When using a No Win No Fee solicitor you won’t have to pay any costs specific to your personal injury lawyer at the first point of contact. Nor would any such payments be a requirement as the case is in progress. And if your case loses, you don’t pay a single penny towards your personal injury solicitor’s own costs. 

If your case wins, you pay a success fee, but this has a percentage cap by law. Therefore, you wouldn’t lose a significant proportion of your PTSD compensation payout, no matter what you receive. Get in touch to discuss further benefits of working with a No Win No Fee personal injury solicitor. 

Look For Quality Personal Injury Lawyers Specialising In PTSD Compensation Payouts

When looking for a top-quality personal injury lawyer, make sure to look out for the following:

  • Many years of top-level legal experience;
  • Specialities when it comes to handling assaults & resultant PTSD;
  • A track record of successful PTSD compensation payout claim victories;
  • Fast turnarounds for low costs, and with continuous communication throughout;
  • And plenty of positive reviews from previous clients.

Want to know more about how to identify the most suitable personal injury solicitor possible? Call us by using the number on top of this very page.

Our Advisors For PTSD Compensation Payouts

Now we want to hear your story. How did your assault occur? And how did your Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder take effect? 

By establishing communication with Public Interest Lawyers, we can begin to answer these questions for you. Call us on 0800 408 7825, complete the form on our website, or message us on the Live Chat.

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